Exploring Vancouver-Based Wellness Startups Revolutionizing Health in Canada

January 29, 2024

Canada has become a fertile ground for startups across a variety of industries, and particularly within the wellness sector. This new breed of companies are taking bold steps to transform health care solutions. The city of Vancouver, with its vibrant startup scene, serves as the birthplace of numerous companies focusing on the holistic health and wellness. This article highlights several Vancouver-based startups, launched in 2020 or later, that are optimizing wellness and redefining the traditional health care industry.

We aim to showcase these startups providing innovative solutions for various health and wellness needs such as mental health, addiction treatments, fitness, dietary supplements and more. With the rise of digital technologies and artificial intelligence, these companies are not just providing products or offering services, but are reshaping the way individuals interact with healthcare systems.

As the wellness industry continues to grow and evolve, Vancouver-based startups are making their mark on both a national and global stage. Here are some trendsetting startups that are paving the way for a holistic approach to health and wellness:

Levitee Labs

Founded by Kelly Abbott, Levitee Labs is a biotechnology company that relies on the integration of psychedelic medicines and therapies for transforming mental health and addiction treatments. The company is carving a niche for itself in the integrative wellness space by centralizing complementary integrative wellness assets through an efficient M&A regimen. Linkedin Profile.

Screenpro Security

Screenpro Security provides COVID-19 testing solutions to governments and businesses across Canada. With high-quality test kits and a strong partnership with Transpharm labs, ScreenPro is a one-stop solution for COVID-19 testing. The company also offers quality PPE to ensure complete protection for their clients’ testing needs.

Mind Cure Health

Founded by Jason Pamer, Mind Cure Health is a dedicated mental health and wellness company that aims to develop and commercialize products to ease suffering, enhance mental health, and increase productivity. Linkedin Profile.

The Holistic Panda

Conceived by Diana Choi, Janet Lam, and Sangsoo Ra, The Holistic Panda emphasizes the importance of holistic health and wellness. Linkedin Profile.

Lifesupply Health Supplies

Lifesupply focuses on marketing and selling medical, health and safety products. The company aims to provide top-tier services related to health and safety. Linkedin Profile.

Cared Upon

Cared Upon is another startup making waves in the wellness industry out of Vancouver. Linkedin Profile.

we are well

We are well, founded by James Bennett, is a consumer goods company that focuses on wellness. The company designs solutions specifically to tackle problems faced by young adults. Linkedin Profile.

Pinaka Labs

Pinaka Labs is a startup headed by Arunabh Ghosh, Nagendra Devoll, Richa Vashisht, and Sanjay Prataprao Takate. The startup’s goal is to develop intelligent solutions that improve health and fitness. Linkedin Profile.


Mikra is a biotech startup, founded by Faraaz Jamal. They aim to improve healthspan by focusing on the smallest aspect of health. Linkedin Profile.

Harrison Healthcare

Harrison Healthcare is a startup that falls under the wellness industry, providing healthcare solutions to individuals in Vancouver and beyond. Linkedin Profile .

Love Pharma

LOVE Pharma is a wellness startup specializing in mental health and sexual wellness, offering hemp-infused and psychedelic products. Linkedin Profile.

In summary, these startups are driving the wellness industry in Canada and globally with groundbreaking solutions that are reshaping health and wellness. These companies highlight the innovative and dynamic nature of Vancouver’s startup scene and the potential the city has as a hub for wellness-oriented startups.

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