Exploring Vancouver’s Dynamic Startup Scene in the Canadian Marketplace Industry

January 23, 2024

Canada, specifically Vancouver, British Columbia, has grown into a thriving hub for startups that are looking to make significant impacts in their respective industries. Many of these businesses have initiated operations in 2020 or later and are centred around the Marketplace industry. This article provides an exclusive look at such startups and their contribution towards transforming Canada’s bustling business landscape.

Let’s explore these rising stars, their business models, their visionary founders, and their agile and innovative solutions aimed at changing the game. It’s a celebration of Canadian entrepreneurship and a testament to the dynamism and diversity of our economy.

The companies we’d be delving into cover a wide range of sectors including car sales, digital marketing, e-commerce, construction, and more. From the founders that led their inception to the benefits they offer their customers, here’s a comprehensive rundown of these promising startups:

Autozen Technologies

Founded by Kalle Radage and Olivier Vincent, Autozen Technologies is redefining the experience of selling cars. Known for its simple, quick, and fair procedures, Autozen offers a digital C2B marketplace which undercuts the traditional stress associated with car selling. It boasts of a vast professional network that competes to offer the best price for sellers’ vehicles.


Collabstr was founded in Vancouver by Clay Rannard and Kyle Dulay. The company is swiftly making a mark in the industry as a marketplace to discover influencers and solicit their services. Collabstr connects brands with thousands of influencers, allowing brands to purchase content and promotions easily.


Twodde stands at the intersection of consumption and sustainability. Operating within the e-commerce sector, the company allows consumers to shop without a guilt trip about the environment. Their goal is to inspire sustainable consumption habits and empower sustainable brands.


Founded by Tim Sportschuetz, MusterPoint serves as a marketplace for underutilized, owner-operated construction equipment. The platform reduces legal risks, payment release issues, and potential project delays for renters, while increasing rental revenue for equipment owners.


Orgmatch, founded by Tim Chipperfield and Trevor Loke, operates in the B2B and non-profit sectors. Although the exact nature of its operations was not specified, they are active on social media platforms, suggesting a strong internet and social media presence.


SwiftBel, the brainchild of Jay Moulton and Robert Prasher, positions itself within the Internet and Marketplace segement. While the specifics of its product and services were not detailed, it touts a strong presence on the professional network, LinkedIn.

Startups like these continually bring excitement and innovation to the market. Not only do they disrupt traditional industries with their novel approach, but they also inject fresh vitality into the economy. As they grow and push the boundaries, the spirit of entrepreneurial dynamism stays vibrant in Vancouver, BC, reinforcing its reputation as a hotbed for startups and innovation.

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