Exploring Vancouver’s Notable Internet Industry Startups Rooted in Canadian Innovation

January 29, 2024

Canada’s startup ecosystem is flourishing with emerging innovators and entrepreneurs, particularly in the realm of Internet-based businesses. Though numerous cities across the nation are burgeoning with potential, Vancouver, British Columbia, continues to be an attractive hub for these startups due to its robust networking opportunities, incredible talent pool and supportive environment. We are showcasing ten promising startups from Vancouver that were founded in 2020 or later. Each startup is pushing the boundaries in its respective industry, offering something unique and exciting.

These startups touch various facets of the Internet industry, including Analytics, Legal Tech, E-commerce, and Cryptocurrency, among others. They are not only providing valuable and innovative solutions, but these companies are also stimulating the local economy, creating jobs, and positioning Vancouver as a competitive player in the tech landscape. Let’s dive in and explore each of these fascinating startups in greater detail.

The companies being showcased here are different in their working models, services, and target markets. Despite these differences, they share a common ground – they all are harnessing the power of the Internet to deliver their unique value propositions. They reflect the diversity, vibrancy, and innovative spirit that characterizes the Vancouver startup scene.


Founded by Breedon Grauer and Trevor Carr, Fastloop offers advanced data analytics and cloud technology consulting services. They specialize in operational analytics, customer intelligence, and digital acceleration and are certified partners with Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Databricks and AWS. LinkedIn.

Combat Gurus

A passionate group of fighters and athletes founded Combat Gurus, a professional sports blog with thorough research and review articles specific to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts & Muay Thai.

Verity Legal

Established by Blake Sieders, Verity Legal is bridging the gap between legal services and consumers through its privacy-based web platform. The platform leverages the latest web technologies to ensure a securely encrypted data storage and communication set-up. LinkedIn.


UnifyStack offers a comprehensive event-driven auto-remediation workflow for SREs, DevOps and SysAdmins. LinkedIn. Twitter.


Newsly is an audio news and content aggregator mobile app that delivers the most trending web articles in a natural human voice. Founded by Yoni Tzafrir, it gathers trending articles from around the web, curating a personal newscast for its users. LinkedIn. Facebook. Twitter.


Co-founded by Roth Niven, fathom redefines e-learning with its productivity tool and software. LinkedIn. Twitter.

Rippel INC

Rippel INC, founded by Maninder Minhas, is a social media-oriented web and mobile application that focuses on digital media. Visit their website for more information.


JP Holecka is the brain behind luxxee, the easiest way to find, compare, and buy genuine luxury watches. Twitter. LinkedIn.


Founded by Kevin Pierce and Motasim Rahman, Instant offers a frictionless 1-click checkout system for online stores to heighten their conversion rates and sales. LinkedIn. Twitter. Facebook.

TerraZero Technologies

TerraZero Technologies is a computer software firm specializing in Blockchain, 3D Modelling and 3D Animation. LinkedIn. Twitter.

Big Whale Labs

Operating as a web 3 social startup, Big Whale Labs is making strides in the field of Cryptocurrency. LinkedIn.

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