Exploring Vancouver’s Preeminent Business Development Startups in Canada

January 6, 2024

In the rapidly evolving world of businesses, startups have proven to be a critical player with their cutting-edge technologies, innovative solutions, and entrepreneurial vigor. In this particular segment, we are highlighting startups originating since 2020, focusing on the business development industry, and are headquartered in the picturesque city of Vancouver.

The business development scene in Canada has been increasingly vibrant, and Vancouver is no exception. The Canadian city houses this young breed of startups that are not just leveraging the thrilling surge in technology but are also managing to make a substantial impact in their respective domains.

Let’s dive into some of these startups that are making waves in the business development sphere in Vancouver, Canada.


In the business development sector, KayaPush emerged as a significant player specializing in workforce management software. Established by Danny Lum, the startup brilliantly caters to the demands of Cannabis retail stores, focusing on time attendance, scheduling, and payroll.

Not only does it provide sales and workforce solutions for dispensaries at an enterprise level, but it also zaps comprehensive analytics and real-time overviews for businesses. For more insights, delve into their LinkedIn and Facebook platforms.

Mossy Digital

Mossy Digital is another inspirational startup established in Vancouver. The company operates in digital marketing and sales automation in addition to business development. Their contributions have been essential in redefining the scope of the industry.

Follow Mossy Digital on LinkedIn for details.


Hyperminds is a multifaceted startup operating in the realm of advertising, brand marketing, business development, and management consulting. Their innovative approach has perpetually managed to deliver on their promises successfully.

Further info about Hyperminds can be procured from their LinkedIn handle.

Qatalyst Research

Qatalyst Research has made its impressive mark in the business development industry with its varied offerings including program evaluation, performance measurement, project management, strategic planning, marketing strategies, and more.

Their vision and in-depth understanding of the industry have been instrumental in providing impactful solutions to their clients. Get more information on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Root Evolution

Root Evolution is a startup that merges business development, information technology, and software to provide essential solutions. The company stays at the forefront of innovation and technology, aligning their offerings to the dynamic business needs.

Find out more about Root Evolution via their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.

Saddle Mountain Group

Although based in Vancouver, Washington, Saddle Mountain Group deserves a mention for their exceptional contribution to the business development industry. Founded by Maury Plumlee in 2022, the startup extends strategic advice to rising technology companies, banking on their 40 years of industry knowledge.

Follow Saddle Mountain Group on their LinkedIn handle for more updates.

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