Green Toronto: Highlighting Canada’s Burgeoning Sustainability Startups

January 23, 2024

Canada has always been known for its innovation, and over the last few years, the country has seen a surge in startups. One sector where these emerging companies are making a significant impact is sustainability. Toronto, the financial and business hub of Canada, is leading the charge with a range of sustainability-focused startups. These companies are working on everything from plant-based food options to eco-friendly travel and carbon streaming, contributing to Canada’s path towards a more sustainable future.

Despite the challenges brought on by the global pandemic, 2020 saw the birth of many enthusiastic startups with a keen focus on sustainability. These companies are tackling some of the most pressing issues facing our planet and devising innovative, future-forward solutions to address them. In this article, we highlight the Canadian startups headquartered in Toronto that were born in or after 2020 and are creating ripples in the sustainability sphere. These are the companies that are not just bolting sustainability to their business model, but building their business around it.

Let’s take a look at these rising stars in Toronto’s sustainability scene:

New School Foods

Co-founded by Chris Bryson, New School Foods is revolutionizing the food and beverage industry with its plant-based seafood. The company’s primary product is a vegan salmon fillet that emulates the flavor, texture, and nutritional value of its oceanic counterpart. In a world struggling with overfishing and climate change, New School Foods presents a sustainable, delicious alternative. Visit their LinkedIn page for more information.

Carbon Streaming

Co-founded by Maurie Swan, Carbon Streaming offers an innovative investment opportunity for those seeking exposure to carbon credits. It acquires, manages, and grows investments related to carbon credits, supporting projects that may not otherwise develop and reduce emissions. Through its unique model, Carbon Streaming aims to accelerate the world’s transition to a net-zero carbon future. Find more about them on their LinkedIn page.


Founded by Joseph Withers and Liam Duffy, bookeco offers a unique platform connecting users with eco-friendly accommodations, activities, and dining options. All choices featured on the platform are certified eco-friendly or have no negative impact on the planet. They also plant trees for every booking, further enhancing their contribution to sustainability. Learn more about their innovative platform on their LinkedIn page.

United Women

United Women, founded by Harjas Grewal, is creating waves in the sustainability field by blending education, social impact, leadership, and youth empowerment. With gender equality at its core, United Women focus on sustainable development goals to create a significant social impact. Know more about them on their LinkedIn page.


Under the leadership of founder Jeanie Lau, ÀLA.HAUSSE is redefining fashion with its first-of-its-kind sustainable P2P multi-functional Ecosystem. Encouraging reuse and upcycling of personal “Clossets,” ÀLA.HAUSSE aims to reduce the carbon footprint and promote sustainability in the fashion industry. Keep up with their upcoming stories on their LinkedIn page.

Liven Proteins

Founded by Fei Luo, Liven Proteins works at the intersection of AgTech, Biotechnology, CleanTech, Food and Beverage, and Sustainability. Though the company remains secretive about its operations, its placement in these sectors suggests some exciting developments for the sustainability scene. Connect with them on their LinkedIn page.

Sustainable Proptech

Sustainable Proptech is reinventing how we manage and perceive properties through its sustainable model. Although details remain scarce, the acknowledgment of sustainability within the property management and real estate sectors promises substantial advancements. Follow them on their LinkedIn page to stay updated.

Waterpoint Lane

Founded by Ben Gibbons, Waterpoint Lane invests in companies that promote sustainable practices throughout the food supply chain. With investments ranging from C$500k-C$5M, this startup is creating substantial impacts in the sustainable agriculture and food sectors. Learn more about their innovative work on their LinkedIn page.

All these startups operating in the sustainability sector prove that it’s not just big corporations; startup communities are playing a massive role in moving towards a greener and more sustainable future. By integrating sustainability into their core business models, these companies aren’t just talking about sustainability; they’re doing it, making Toronto a hotbed for sustainable innovation.

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