Highlighting Innovative Agricultural Startups Located in Canada: An Insight

January 3, 2024

2020 marked an interesting shift in the world as we experienced the onset of a global pandemic, causing a dramatic recalibration in most industries. Despite these challenges, the agriculture sector remained an essential pillar to our society, and consequently, we witnessed a surge in agricultural innovation. Canada, renowned for its pioneering spirit and robust farming tradition, has not been left behind in this trend. A number of trailblazing startups emerged in 2020, bringing unique solutions to the fore. This article takes a closer look at some of these startups inc branches ranging from artificial intelligence and biotechnology to e-commerce and equipment manufacturing, all from spurring from the agricultural sector.

Why an influx of innovation in agriculture during a global crisis? As consumers reorganize their priorities amid the pandemic, transparency, sustainability, and locality have increasingly become important values in their purchasing choices. This shift in behavior opens up a space for new businesses to flourish. It encourages entrepreneurs to address these demands through innovative solutions that blend technology with agriculture, enhancing efficiency, encouraging sustainable practices, and promoting local products.

In this article, we cover a cohort of Canadian agriculture innovations hailing from various regions of the country. Each company brings unique solutions and perspectives to the table, depicting the multifaceted and dynamic nature of the industry. As we explore the journey of each startup, we hope to shed light on the realities, challenges, and opportunities in the agricultural sector in Canada.


Founded in Vancouver, British Columbia by Arthur Chen and Roman Kozak, Verdi merges agriculture with artificial intelligence and information technology to create a data science platform for irrigation. The goal is to develop hyper-specific farm actions to promote efficiency and productivity. More details about Verdi can be found on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Vejii Holdings

Vejii bridges the gap between agriculture and e-commerce. Founded in Kelowna, British Columbia by Darren Gill and Kory Zelickson, the company focuses on establishing a digital marketplace for sustainable, plant-based products. They create an online environment that promotes convenience and accessibility to sustainable brands, a choice that aligns with the current consumer trend towards environmentally friendly shopping. Vejii’s work can be followed on their Facebook and LinkedIn accounts for updates and information.

Barnstorm Agtech

Farming and tech enthusiast Parker Wells teamed up with seasoned entrepreneur and investor Mitchell London to create Barnstorm Agtech, a robotic farming innovation company based in Senlac, Saskatchewan. The company provides an open platform for precision and powered deployment of farm technology, a niche missing in conventional farming practices. You can stay updated with them via their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Replenish Nutrients

Replenish Nutrients, located in Okotoks, Alberta, develops innovative products that empower growers to maximize their output with ease. Their products signal a new era in agricultural technology, helping to drive efficiency levels within the ecosystem. Details about their work can be found on their Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.

Mojow Autonomous Solutions

Two entrepreneurs, Mojtaba Hedayatpour and Owen Kinch, founded Mojow Autonomous Solutions in Edmonton, Alberta. The company integrates artificial intelligence with machine operations in the agriculture sector, to automate tasks and streamline processes, significantly reducing human intervention. Stay updated with Mojow via their LinkedIn account.


AgGene is a forward-thinking biotech startup based in Calgary, Alberta. Founded by Logan Skori and Marcus Samuel, the enterprise stands at the intersection of the food and beverage, biotechnology, and life science sectors. The company’s LinkedIn account offers further insights.

Global Machinery Auctions

Global Machinery Auctions, led by Quinten Chaban in Edmonton, Alberta, provides a vital link between business owners in the construction, farming, oilfield equipment, and transportation industries. The company acts as a comprehensive platform for the sale of quality, pre-owned equipment as well as new parts. Check out their Facebook and LinkedIn pages for more.

Drone Des Champs Inc.

Drone Des Champs is gaining recognition as a leader in drone-based services for the farming and environmental industry in Canada. Co-founded by Gil Weis, Nicolas Deschamps, and Sophie Chainel in Laval, Quebec, the company specializes in liquid, solid, and capsule spraying with drones, accelerating the ecological transition within the sector. To keep tabs on their innovative work, visit their Facebook or LinkedIn pages.

Antiseptic Pro

Operating out of Toronto, Ontario, Antiseptic Pro is a life sciences and bio-technology manufacturer producing various wellness products. Their range includes organic and pure nutraceuticals, disinfectant, sanitizers, and top of the line air purifiers. More about Antiseptic Pro can be found on their Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.

The Brainfood Mushroom Company

The Brainfood Mushroom Company, based in North Vancouver, British Columbia, markets a variety of powerful, exotic fungi extracts, optimized to promote overall health and wellbeing. Stay up-to-date with their groundbreaking work through their Facebook or LinkedIn pages.

Flokk Systems

Tech guru Mark Olson launched Flokk Systems in Mountain View, Alberta. The company has found its niche in software development within the farming and life sciences sectors. To keep abreast with Flokk Systems, follow their LinkedIn page.

Promoting innovative ventures like these not only nurtures the agricultural industry in Canada but also contributes to global food security. By adapting to technological advancements, these startups are helping the sector meet the ever-evolving needs of the modern consumer, while also addressing concerns related to sustainability and climate change.

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