Highlighting Toronto’s Big Data Innovators: Canada’s Emerging Startup Champions

January 6, 2024

Toronto, as the economic hub of Canada, has managed to attract a significant cohort of entrepreneurs and innovators, particularly within the Big Data industry. Since 2020, several startups operating within this space have established their headquarters in Toronto, providing a vibrant ecosystem for groundbreaking innovation and progress. This article will highlight some of these rising stars in this space.

Amid the globally increasing demand for Big Data insights and solutions, these startups are addressing market needs with creative and technology-driven offerings. Utilizing modern tools and technologies, they are solving complex problems, enhancing operational efficiencies, and setting new industry standards. Let us take a closer look at these innovative startups.

The mentioned startups are: NowVertical Group, 80 Galaxy, Wrangler AI, Miksi, Seal Storage, and The Happenin Company. Each of these startups is leveraging Big Data to create practical solutions in diverse fields ranging from automotive, analytics, government, retail tech, artificial intelligence, blockchain, cleantech, to leisure, and events.

NowVertical Group

Founded by Daren Trousdell, NowVertical Group operates in the Big Data industry offering deep analytics and Vertical Intelligence (VI) solutions to various industries. Firmly rooted in secure data technologies, their products allow for highly focused insights and automation in industries such as Automotive, Government and Retail Technology amongst others. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

80 Galaxy

80 Galaxy, another Toronto-based startup, deals with Big Data and other domains like cloud computing, data center services, information services and SaaS. The company aims to leverage these technologies to provide highly customizable web hosting solutions. Engage with them on LinkedIn.

Wrangler AI

Co-founded by Alexander Bukengolz, Wrangler AI offers Big Data and AI-based solutions with a focus on demystifying the field of AI. This startup specializes in AI, data mining, data modelling and business intelligence and is a significant contributor to the Big Data industry in Toronto. Follow them on Twitter at @WranglerAi.


Miksi, a startup created by co-founders Evgeny Lazarenko and Lindsey Peng, operates within the Big Data industry offering analytics, AI, and developer tools. It uses cutting-edge technologies to provide cloud data services and productivity tools. Link with them on LinkedIn.

Seal Storage

Founded by Alex Altman, Andrew McFarlane, and Michael Horowitz, Seal Storage works primarily with Big Data and offers decentralized cloud storage services. Their aim is to provide reliable, secure and verifiable cloud storage using blockchain networks. Find out more about them on LinkedIn.

The Happenin Company

The Happenin Company, co-established by Arjun Mali, Bin Liu, Charles Plant, and Diane Lai, operates in the Big Data industry. Its main product, Happenin, is a platform that utilizes Big Data to facilitate the arranging of group experiences. Get in touch with them on LinkedIn or on Facebook.

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