How Canadian Small Businesses Can Benefit from Managed Cloud Hosting

August 3, 2022
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If you’re a Canadian and own an online business, you’ve probably been faced with the decision to choose a hosting provider. With countless hosting companies on the market, choosing the right hosting company for your business isn’t simple and requires a lot of research.

There are so many options, so how to choose the right hosting plan? Should you get shared hosting and share the server with other companies? Should you pay more money and get the dedicated hosting? Maybe VPS hosting is the right option for you? Most companies often choose managed cloud servers because they offer many benefits, especially for small businesses. There are many cloud hosting servers available in Canada that provide excellent performance and can help your business reach success.

What are Managed Cloud Servers?

Managed cloud hosting is when companies access resources, hardware tools, databases, and software tools across a remote network through multiple servers in another location. Companies purchase the managed cloud servers in pieces or as virtual servers. Managed cloud servers stand out from the crowd because they offer top-notch security and consistent availability.

Benefits Small Canadian Businesses Can Have from Managed Cloud Servers

Managed cloud servers aren’t popular for nothing. They’re the number one choice among small businesses because they offer countless benefits. Let’s find out how Canadian small businesses benefit from managed cloud servers.

Managed Cloud Servers Are Cost Saving

Companies are mainly worried about the price when choosing to host. In reality, more than 20% of companies are worried about the cost of managed cloud servers. Sometimes you need to consider more factors than the price to choose.

When you have managed cloud serves, you’ll be able to access your computer data and save additional time and money. If you’re worried you’ll be paying for more features than you need, you shouldn’t because most managed cloud server services pay as you go. This indicated that you’re not obliged to pay for features you don’t use or need. When it comes to data storage, you pay as you go, which means you’ll pay only for the space you need. Considering all these things, the costs for managed cloud servers will be lower, and the returns will be higher.

Managed Cloud Servers Have Top Notch Security

If you’re worried about whether managed cloud servers are secure, you shouldn’t because the servers monitor your security 24/7. Managed cloud servers have encryption of data transmitted over networks and then stored in databases. Thanks to encryption, valuable information is fully protected from hackers or third parties. Researches show that 90% of the businesses that switched to using managed cloud servers have seen significant security improvement.

Managed Cloud Servers Have Better Quality Control

There’s nothing worse than inconsistent and poor-quality reporting. When you use managed cloud servers, all your documents are stored in a single format in one place. This way, you’ll avoid human error, maintain consistency in data, and have a clear insight into updates.

Manages Cloud Servers Are More Flexible

If your hosting plan requires you to spend a lot of time on data storage and computer issues, you will not have enough time to focus on raising your business to success and attracting more clients. On the other hand, managed cloud servers will give your business more flexibility. For example, if your business needs more data storage and bandwidth, the managed cloud server will instantly meet your needs. You won’t need to get an expensive update of your IT infrastructure, and you’ll have more flexibility to make your business more efficient.

Managed Cloud Servers Offer Disaster Recovery

It’s important to have a disaster recovery plan in case any unexpected disaster occurs. You should be able to retrieve your data as soon as possible to continue running your business. Managed cloud servers are excellent because they offer disaster recovery. Disaster recovery is fast and will minimize downtime in an unfortunate disaster.

Managed Cloud Servers Are Reliable

Regarding reliability, managed cloud servers are one of the most reliable on the market. The servers watch your network 24/7 to ensure everything is in order. Also, most managed cloud servers have a 99% uptime guaranteed.

Managed Cloud Servers Provide Centralized Control

When you have managed cloud servers, it means that you can take advantage of having centralized control. The cloud servers will enable you to control the cloud infrastructure in one location. This means that you can easily make any necessary network changes and that the administrator is simplified.


Finding the right hosting plan for your business is difficult because it can be the main factor that makes or breaks your business. While there are so many options in the hosting world, choose a host that fits your budget and needs perfectly. If you’re considering getting managed cloud servers, don’t think twice. The managed cloud servers are the real deal, and while the initial price can seem expensive, everything will pay off. The managed cloud servers offer many excellent benefits, so you won’t make a mistake.

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