How To Leverage Facebook Ads To Promote Your Daycare Centre

May 3, 2023
Photo by cottonbro studio from Pexels

Facebook advertising for daycare centres such as Richmond daycare is one of the most effective advertising approaches available right now. By crafting the right ad and choosing the right audience, you can reach parents and drive them to your website and convert them into clients.

Here are seven tips for leveraging Facebook Ads for promoting your daycare centre.

Use high-quality, intriguing images

Advertising on social media is all about the imagery. In fact, your ads can only contain 20% text. This means you should choose the most unique and interesting images that represent your daycare and relate to the marketing message you’re promoting.

Create a dedicated landing page for each advertising campaign

A landing page makes sure people get exactly the information that they want after they click on your ad. That way, you have a great opportunity to educate the people who click to your site and encourage them to enroll their child or children. For example, if you want to promote your programs for Richmond summer camp or Mandarin tutor for kids, make sure you have a dedicated landing page for each program.

Create unique ad sets for different audiences

Parents enrolling another one of their children and parents enrolling a child for the first time aren’t the same demographics. To appeal to both of them, create ads that target the right people based on their needs and interests. Facebook lets you use different ads for different audiences if you choose to do so. Or you can use the same ad for multiple audiences, if you want.

Use Retargeting Ads

Retargeting ads are effective because they target the people who have clicked on your ads in the past or visited your website before. Retargeting ads will ensure that people who are interested in your daycare see your ads.

Use Facebook Video Ads

Video ads are becoming extremely popular on Facebook. They’re eye-catching and engaging, and they appear directly in users’ newsfeeds.

Use Local Facebook Ads

Local ads appeal to people in your geographic area. This is a great way to reach parents in and around your daycare, as well as use it to generate awareness nearby.

Use Boosted post

If you share an interesting post that gets a lot of attention from your audience, consider boosting it. Boosting helps it achieve greater visibility. That means more people see what you share, your brand name, and your Facebook page. It’s great for getting more Facebook followers.

Run Event Ads

If you’re holding a special event at your daycare, such as an admissions day or open tours, consider creating an event ad. That tells people how, where, and when they can get in touch with you.

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