Innovating Health: Edmonton’s Pioneering Healthcare Startups on the Rise

October 30, 2023

The healthcare industry is undergoing a rapid transformation, fueled by technological advancements and innovative startups that aim to revolutionize patient care, diagnostics, and treatment. Edmonton, Alberta, is emerging as a hub for such pioneering companies. Below, we explore 15 of these trailblazing healthcare startups that are not only making waves in Edmonton but are also poised to make a global impact.


PulseMedica stands at the forefront of retinal care with its cutting-edge 3D imaging and laser platforms designed specifically for vitreoretinal diagnosis. They are reshaping how eye diseases are diagnosed and treated, with an eye on preserving the gift of sight.

True Angle

True Angle harnesses the power of sensor technologies merged with mobile platforms. Their innovative approach allows for real-time monitoring of human health, paving the way for personalized healthcare.


DiveThru is a testament to Edmonton’s commitment to mental health, offering a blend of therapy, community support, and self-guided resources. They are addressing mental health needs with a modern twist, engaging today’s generation both online and in person.


With a focus on early detection, Nanostics is at the vanguard of diagnostic tests for aggressive prostate cancer. Their work could herald a new era of diagnostics that save lives through earlier intervention.


DrugBank is more than just a repository of drug information; it’s a powerful tool for insight generation that’s accelerating drug research and transforming healthcare delivery.

48Hour Discovery

Specializing in peptide-based drugs, 48Hour Discovery is streamlining the drug discovery process. Their name reflects their speedy delivery of potential therapeutic peptides, offering hope for faster treatment development.


MACH32 illustrates the creative spirit of Edmonton’s medical device sector, developing innovative solutions that address both new and persistent medical challenges.

Naiad Lab

Naiad Lab is leveraging artificial intelligence to bridge the gap between healthcare providers and remote patients, a step towards a more connected and accessible healthcare system.

Run For Stuff

Run For Stuff promotes health and wellness by incentivizing physical activity. Their approach combines healthcare with the universal desire to stay fit and active.

Entos Pharmaceuticals

Entos Pharmaceuticals is on the cutting edge of genetic medicine, using their proprietary Fusogenix PLV drug delivery platform to create promising treatments for a variety of diseases.

MEDO is revolutionizing ultrasound technology with AI, simplifying its acquisition and interpretation. Their work could democratize this essential diagnostic tool, making it more widely available and easy to use.


Trioova is redefining virtual healthcare by creating a space designed for patients, caregivers, and families to receive care in a manner that suits their individual needs.

Alpha Phenomics Inc.

Alpha Phenomics Inc. is bringing disruptive technology to veterinary, agribusiness, and medical professions, highlighting Edmonton’s role in healthcare beyond human medicine.

Bio-Stream Diagnostics

Bio-Stream Diagnostics is transforming pathogen detection with their OECT platform, offering rapid, cost-effective point-of-care testing that fits in the palm of your hand.


CarePros provides essential medical and behavioral care services, offering support both in and out of the home to families dealing with disabilities. They exemplify the compassionate side of Edmonton’s healthcare innovation landscape.

These 15 companies are just the tip of the iceberg in Edmonton’s vibrant healthcare ecosystem. Each of them is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, ensuring that Edmonton is not just a center of healthcare innovation in Canada, but a beacon of hope and progress worldwide.

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