International Successful Startups Popular in Canada

April 8, 2022
International Successful Startups Popular in Canada

Most of the world’s unicorns are in technology and telecommunications. However, many billion-dollar startups provide financial, insurance, and real estate services. Transport and logistics is also a lucrative industry for some well-known startups. It is striking that many of the most successful startups come from China. And this development is not without reason because startups get the best market conditions to grow in China. The Chinese government supports its tech champions, and there are also numerous funding channels available for a unicorn startup. Unicorns also find support for their business concepts very quickly.

When is a startup successful?

To categorize a startup as successful and among the global unicorn startups depends on various factors. Also, a unique idea is often not enough for startups to succeed worldwide. It is also essential to develop a functioning business model and to have an outstanding founding team. But financing the project is also crucial to make it a successful startup worldwide in the long term.

4 successful startups in the world that are popular in Canada

It is more difficult for a startup to stand out from the competition in a global comparison. But some companies have made it as unicorn startups and can prove themselves through exceptionally high sales, rapid growth, and a high market value. Discover some of the most successful startups in the world that are popular in Canada:

1. Betway

The Betway Group is a top provider of top-tier betting games across sports betting, poker, bingo, casino, and eSports. Betway Casino, a 2006 startup, focuses on is players’ satisfaction. They want their clients to have an informed betting experience tailored to their needs. While entertainment is the game’s name, this successful gambling startup always remembers its commitments to its players and the broader communities in which it operates. They are determined to ensure secure and safe conditions for their clients – that’s why their operations match up to the best security standards in this industry. Betway is part of ESSA, IBAS, and RGA.

eCOGRA has also accredited this company. It thoroughly tests their games to guarantee they are fair. Betway also partnered with the PPF or Professional Players Federation. Betway’s commitment to its customers extends globally like all startups on our list. In addition, this successful company has licenses in Germany, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Malta, the UK, Ireland, and Denmark. Also, Betway has its headquarters in Guernsey and Malta, with support from the Isle of Man, London, Cape Town, and Stockholm.

2. Snapchat Inc.

There are now many messenger services for smartphones. But the US startup Snapchat Inc. has become famous because photos and other media are only visible on their messenger for a certain number of seconds and then automatically delete themselves. Furthermore, people can restore files sent with messages using Snapchat. As a result, the release of Snapchat in 2011 caused a sensation. The number of users rose rapidly. Two years after its launch, users sent 350 million messages per day. Today there are already a considerable number of videos every day. In 2019, they renamed the company Snap Inc., and it employed 3,195 people during that year. The annual turnover in 2021 is over $4 billion, resulting in an estimated market value of $88.764 billion, making this unicorn one of the most successful startups in the world.

3. Xiaomi

While Samsung and Apple are more familiar as smartphone manufacturers in this country, everyone in China knows the smartphones from the startup Xiaomi. The well-known startup Xiaomi Tech is currently the third-largest smartphone manufacturer globally. In 2010, the Chinese founders set themselves the goal of producing inexpensive high-end smartphones, and two years later, they were able to generate a net profit of CNY22 billion. In 2018, this successful startup employed 15,222 people globally. Furthermore, this unicorn startup wants to establish itself in the European market with its “Mi Stores” as a next step. For example, Xiaomi opened the first German Mi Store in Düsseldorf.

4. Pinterest

Anyone who likes to exchange photos or gets inspiration from recipe photos has undoubtedly heard of the well-known startup Pinterest. The name is a portmanteau of “pin” for pinning and “interest” for interest. What is meant by this is that you can get helpful ideas that correspond to your interest and can be “pinned” on pinboards. The photo community was founded in the USA in 2010 and has been able to double its user numbers every year since then. The unicorn startup Pinterest employed around 3,225 people in 2021, and approximately 431 million users are active on the platform. In addition, the company expects advertising sales to exceed one billion euros this year, which will make the unicorn company one of the most successful startups in the world.

Do you want to add a successful company to the list? Please share your thought and leave us a comment.

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