Leading Canadian Agriculture Startups: Spotlight on London-Based Innovation

January 6, 2024

Canada has emerged as a global leader in the startup scene, thanks in no small part to its vibrant ecosystem, supportive government, and influx of venture capital. In this article series, we bring a spotlight on some of the most innovative startups operating out of London and their contributions towards the Agriculture industry. These startups, all of which were started in 2020 or later, have been harnessing technology and innovation to address major challenges in the agri-food sector, thereby transforming how we produce and consume food.

Many of these startup companies are paving the way forward by disrupting conventional agricultural practices and introducing AI, predictive analytics, IoT, and other emerging technologies. From apps assisting farmers with crop management, to those promoting sustainability, these London-based startups are not only fostering innovation, but also driving economic growth.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the world of these promising startups that are truly disrupting and revitalizing the Agricultural industry in all the right ways.


Founded by Omar Berrada, Kingslands is focused on increasing profitability for farmers. They aim to set a new standard in agriculture by building an online sourcing platform. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn for updates.

Bx Technologies

The climate-tech startup Bx Technologies led by Antony Yousefian and Ben Bardsley helps food brands eliminate emissions in food supply chains. Their approach is underpinned by an innovative data-backed reward system. Know more about them on LinkedIn.

Pestcure ltd

Pestcure ltd is a pest control service in London, providing BPCA level 2 certified technicians for pest control in the UK. Follow them on Facebook for updates.


Through Farmsio platform, Krishna Srinivasan and Venkatesh Sivaraman work towards improving pre-and post-harvest efficiency. Farmsio digitizes the value chain and provides sustainable solutions and decision-making tools for farmers and agribusinesses. Stay updated about them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


Founded by Maryna Kuzmenko, Agfluencers, is working towards revolutionizing the AgTech industry. Find them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Agreed Earth

Agreed Earth, founded by Kelly Price, is working towards developing the information hub for regenerative agriculture to assist farmers. They aim to help farmers make money naturally by streamlining their operations. Catch up with them on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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