Online Casino Gaming: A Growing Industry in Canada

January 29, 2024
Online casino gaming: A growing industry in Canada

Just like many other countries around the world, Canada has seen a substantial growth in the popularity of gaming in recent years. The online casino market alone is projected to reach revenues of US$2.61 billion by the end of 2024.

By 2028, the Canadian market is expected to create revenues of US$3.35 billion, with estimated user numbers for online casinos reaching over 15 million. That’s an impressive user penetration rate of 38%. This growth is largely due to the penetration of online casinos, proliferation of smart phones, and changes in Canada’s gaming laws.

Gaming Laws

Canada’s online gambling rules vary by province and are therefore often seen as complex and hard to understand. Essentially, the federal government grants each province the power to regulate and run their own online gaming services, which means Canadians can now access licensed and regulated internet casinos in their own regions.

For instance, gamers in Quebec can check out the casino en ligne Quebec list to access legal establishments in their province. However, every province and territory are different and online gambling sites that want to offer their services across provincial borders still need a special agreement. Foreign operators don’t currently need licenses to operate in Canada and it is legal for Canadians to use their services, however, it is illegal for offshore casinos to purposely target Canadian players.

Growth factors

While changes in gambling laws have opened the market to new providers and given people more people access to gaming providers, there are other factors at play here.


Land based casinos are limited by opening hours and their physical locations, making it harder for many players to access them when they want. Online casinos however, have no such issues and offer players queue free access anytime and anywhere they choose.

Game variety

Physical casinos are limited by their size when it comes to the number and variety of games on offer, whereas online operators can provide gamers with a huge variety of options, especially when it comes to slots. Games are regularly updated and new titles added, meaning players are sure to find a game online that appeals to them.

Bonus and promotions

With fierce competition in the sector, operators are desperate to attract and keep customers. This has led to a wealth of bonuses and promotions being offered to players online. Whether it’s loyalty bonuses, free spins, matched deposit, and more, there’s lots of ways gamers can maximise their budget or even to try their hand at the casino at no financial risk to themselves.

Culture change

Changing laws reflect changing attitudes towards casinos and gambling in general. As more people discover online gaming and regulations continue to be relaxed, perspectives will continue to change too. Gaming is now increasingly seen as a fun leisure activity that can be enjoyed by everyone.


Without the advance of technology, online casinos would not be possible, however the advent of the smartphone, superfast broadband, and 5G internet connectivity has changed everything. But this innovation has brought other benefits too:

  • Game quality: Advances in technology have seen games offer improved graphics and sound effects, creating a more immersive and enjoyable gaming experience.
  • New Technology: The adoption of new technologies such as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, has seen the creation of even more interactive and immersive games, such as live dealer games, real-time video streaming, and much more.
  • Cryptocurrency and Blockchain: Many operators offer customers the choice of using these new payment methods to improve security, anonymity, and transparency in payment and withdrawal methods.


Improved online security measures have seen player confidence in operators grow. Where previously customers held concerns over the safety of their financial and personal details, they are now able to access sites that offer impressive security features that are designed to keep all their information secure.


The chance to win some money is of course a big draw when it comes to playing casino games, and online casinos consistently offer bigger jackpots than their physical counterparts. Many online casinos are part of a network that share progressive jackpots across multiple platforms, which can lead to faster jackpot growth and higher potential payouts.

The future

Canada’s changing gambling legislation has helped to modernise and regulate the gaming industry, ensuring it remains safe, fair, and responsible. Domestic operators are now able to compete with illegal offshore operators and potentially grow the local economy, improve tax revenues, and increase jobs.

The opening up of the sector will undoubtedly attract the big international players who will be keen to have their piece of the lucrative Canadian gambling market. But as competition increases, innovation through technology and game design will see ever more impressive and exciting game offerings for players and ensure the future of online casinos and gambling in Canada will continue to thrive.

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