Ontario Art Startups: The Emerging Canadian Vanguard in Artistic Innovation

December 19, 2023

Ontario is a breeding ground for some of the most innovative startups in the country. While the tech industry often takes the spotlight, the art industry has also seen its fair share of revolutionary startups in recent years. Here are some rising stars, all with inception in 2020 or later, who are expanding the boundaries of creativity and technology in the world of art.

These startups are leveraging advancements in technology, particularly machine learning and artificial intelligence, to transform art creation, curation, and consumption. Despite the challenges they faced in industry and global perspectives, these startups have made significant impacts in their respective fields in a short span of time.

The resilience and innovative spirit of these Ontario-based companies demonstrate a promising future for Canadian startups. They also highlight the immense potential that lies at the intersection of art and technology.

Arteria AI

Based in Toronto, Arteria AI is a company that applies artificial intelligence to contract management. Founded by Jonathan Wong, Arteria AI revolutionizes the process of drafting, negotiating and analyzing contracts. More about the company can be found on their Linkedin page.

Vivid Machines

Vivid Machines, established by Jenny Lemieux and Jonathan Binas, develops agricultural technology that leverages advanced vision sensors and state-of-the-art machine learning to assist fruit and vegetable farmers. Find out more about them on their Linkedin page.

Adaptive Pulse

Adaptive Pulse founded by Jennifer Huynh and Johnson Phanyaseng, builds software for customer success teams to predict churn and prioritize retention efforts. Keep up with them on Linkedin, Facebook or Twitter by following @adaptivepulse.


HUEX Labs is redefining customer service with AiDA, a voice-enabled digital assistant. Their company, founded by Anik Seth, Jiping Sun and Kiran Kadekoppa, focuses on applying AI in hospitality and retail environments. Visit their Linkedin page for more information.

Deep Biologics

Deep Biologics, led by Dea Shahinas and Shraddha Dubey, leverages AI to develop biologics for therapeutic and diagnostic purposes. They are an innovative biotechnology startup based in Toronto. You can follow them on Linkedin or on Twitter @DeepBiologics.

Tech Spark Canada

Tech Spark Canada, founded by Tamar Huggins, provides data-driven educational content to middle school students. They are democratizing education with their unique platform, Spark Plug. Follow their updates on Twitter @techsparkcanada.


ICAREUM is transforming the field of architectural visualization with its unique blend of BIM and digital twin technology. Founded by Dan Merriam and Danila Solovov, the startup is changing the landscape of pre-construction planning and visualization. Connect with them on Linkedin or Facebook.


Daimlas is a marketplace for visionaries to build and manage their AI ecosystems. While not much is known about its founders, the startup is making significant strides in the field of artificial intelligence and information technology. Stay updated with them on Linkedin, Facebook or Twitter by following @daimlas.


PulSenics, founded by Essam Elsahwi and Mariam Awara, provides real-time monitoring and control solutions for electrochemical systems using AI. Their work is making significant impacts in the field of electronics and hardware. Learn more about them on their Linkedin page.

Train Fitness

Train Fitness, co-founded by Andrew Just and Antoine Neidecker, is an AI-driven tool for personal fitness training. Follow them on Linkedin, Facebook or Twitter @trainfitnessai to stay updated with their advancements.

SBX Robotics

Specialized in the field of synthetic image data, SBX Robotics, founded by Ian Dewancker and Josh Kuntz, is advancing the field of computer vision models. Connect with them on Linkedin, Facebook or Twitter @sbxrobotics to keep up with their progress.

These companies symbolize a dynamic and vibrant art tech scene in Ontario. Each startup holds a unique promise to revolutionize its industry, define new norms, and set new benchmarks for Canadian startups moving forward.

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