Ontario’s Emerging Asset Management Startups Elevating Canada’s Financial Landscape

January 5, 2024

Ontario – a region rich in diversity, creativity, and opportunity with a booming startup scene. This thriving ecosystem is home to a wealth of startups that have been shaking up the asset management industry since their inauguration in 2020. From harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to creating innovative software solutions, these startups represent the future-forward mindset of the industry, driving change and transforming the way businesses navigate within the asset management space. Here is a spotlight on some of the notable startups born and bred in Ontario.


Hailing from Ottawa, Velavu presents a unique approach to asset management through their ecosystem of customised solutions, software, and devices. Whether it’s for a vehicle, a worksite, or a piece of equipment, their tags can be attached easily, becoming fully operational within minutes and managing all associated assets, inventory and processes. For more information about Velavu, visit their LinkedIn and @velavu_tech on Twitter.

Portsmouth Residential

Portsmouth Residential, based in Kingston, specializes in providing value-add investment opportunities and professional property management services. They create and manage multifamily investments, delivering a promise of excellence and reliability. To learn more about their work, you can visit their Facebook page, or their LinkedIn profile.


Nvestiv is a Toronto-based firm that offers a broad spectrum of services ranging from investment management to artificial intelligence and wealth management. The company’s innovative solutions and high-performing strategy have gained them recognition within the industry. Stay connected with their updates through their LinkedIn page and @NvestivC on Twitter.

Avebury Equity Partners

Also situated in Toronto, Avebury Equity Partners is an asset management firm operating in the construction and real estate sector. Visit their LinkedIn profile to learn more about their innovative approach.


WealthAgile is a Fintech startup specializing in asset management. The Toronto-based company is set to launch an AI-based Portfolio Management System by the end of the year, aiming for validation in Q1 of 2021. For more information about their upcoming developments, check their LinkedIn page at WealthAgile or follow them on Twitter at @wealthagile.

Brookfield Reinsurance Partners

Brookfield Reinsurance Partners, based in Toronto, offers reinsurance solutions to insurance companies. The company’s solution-focused approach and asset management expertise have earned them noteworthy recognition within the industry.

Essential Real Estate Partners

The Toronto-based Essential Real Estate Partners aims to generate strong returns through in-depth research and analysis of off-market real estate opportunities. The asset management firm has made a name for itself by offering transparency and professionalism in its dealings. Their LinkedIn page at Essential Real Estate Partners and Facebook page at Essential Real Estate Partners offer more about their work.

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