Ontario’s Emerging Cloud Computing Pioneers: Canadian Startups to Watch

January 6, 2024

Ontario, renowned as Canada’s economic powerhouse and home to thriving industries, has become a hotspot for startups, particularly in the technology sector. These trailblazing companies are reshaping the face of their respective industries, leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as cloud computing and artificial intelligence to deliver innovative solutions. This article is part of our series intended to highlight and showcase startups located in Canada. This post will focus on companies in the cloud computing sphere, all of which were established in 2020 or later and have their headquarters located in Ontario.

These dynamic companies are setting the pace in the cloud computing industry, offering innovative services that range from cloud infrastructure and big data to software development and IT management. They are playing a crucial role in harnessing the power of the cloud to help businesses grow and meet evolving demands. This has a great impact on the IT market and contributes to Ontario’s emergence as a major player in the global tech ecosystem.

From building optimized GPU solutions for computation-intensive technologies to developing decentralized storage and edge computing technologies, Ontario’s cloud computing startups epitomize the audacity of innovation. Join us as we delve into each company’s unique value proposition and explore what makes them stand out in the competitive technology sector:

MSP Corp

Founded by Jason Dacosta and Ravi Ramharak in Guelph, Ontario, MSP Corp operates in the realm of cloud computing, cloud infrastructure, and IT management. The company acquires and partners with high-performing Managed Service Providers in Canada and the United States, providing resources, technology, and business support to enable MSP teams to excel. Find out more about MSP Corp on their LinkedIn page.

80 Galaxy

A Toronto-based start-up venturing into the big data, cloud computing, and web hosting industry, 80 Galaxy operates with a unique value proposition. While little is publicly known about the company, what is certain is that they are an integral part of Ontario’s vibrant start-up ecosystem. Connect with 80 Galaxy on LinkedIn for more information.


Datanaya, located in Toronto, Ontario, are leaders in cloud computing and IoT. They aim to provide an array of software services that enable businesses to thrive in a modern, digital landscape. You can follow them on Facebook, and LinkedIn to stay updated.


Borne out of the blockchain and cloud computing industries, FilSwan was founded by Charles Cao in Toronto, Ontario, in 2021. The start-up aims to develop a storage and computing infrastructure layer for Web3. They offer a complete solution for web3 developers for easy integration of decentralized storage, edge computing, and payment across multiple chains. Find out more about them on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Another peer-to-peer platform, Functionland, is fomenting disruption in traditional cloud storage by allowing users to easily share storage and compute resources. Founded in Toronto, Ontario, by Aaron Maines, Arman Shirani, Ehsan Shariati, and Erfan Shekarchi, Functionland aims to provide faster speeds and lower costs than traditional cloud storage while giving users full control over their data. Follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn to stay up to date.

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