Ontario’s Innovative Aerospace Startups Redefining Canada’s Skybound Businesses

January 6, 2024

Canada, a hub of technological innovation, is rocketing into the Aerospace industry with a slew of modern startups. These companies, headquartered in Ontario, were established in 2020 or later and are on a mission to transform the Aerospace sector. From space mining to autonomous flight technology, these companies are incorporating the latest innovations to create sustainable solutions for the future of space exploration and aviation.

Fonts of creativity and innovation, these startups are diversifying the Aerospace industry and contributing to significant advancements in technology applicable in space, air transport and beyond. They’re reshaping the industry while helping to boost Canada’s global stature in terms of technological advancements and economic impact. In this article, we showcase some of these trailblazing startups to keep an eye on.

Let’s explore these companies operating at the intersection of technology and Aerospace, challenging the status quo, and revolutionizing the landscapes of their respective markets.

Canadian Space Mining Corporation

Focusing on the intersection of Aerospace, GreenTech, Mining, Mining Technology, Natural Resources, and Space Travel, the Canadian Space Mining Corporation paves the way for life beyond earth. Founded by Daniel Sax, this Toronto-based startup works on creating the infrastructure to support life in space. It provides essential resources, from advanced machinery, off-planet oxygen generation, to AI, facilitating the next stage of space exploration. Follow them on their LinkedIn for more updates.


Ribbit, with Carl Pigeon and Jeremy Wang at its helm, is passionate about making autonomous airlines a reality. This startup in the Aerospace and Robotics industry simplifies the initiation, management, and operation of pilotless airlines. Their platform is an embodiment of their belief that access to good transportation can enhance lives. Find them on their LinkedIn and Facebook pages for more.

Starspec Technologies

With a focus on satellite and space hardware, Starspec Technologies lowers the barrier-to-entry for space access for research and industrial applications. Specialising in astrophysics, geophysics, and Earth sciences, the Toronto-based company provides hardware solutions and software systems for suborbital and space-based applications. Visit their LinkedIn page for more information.

Canada Jetlines

Canada Jetlines, founded in 2021, is an all-Canadian leisure airline that provides passengers with travel to destinations within the U.S., Caribbean, and Mexico. The company is a value-focused leisure carrier that utilises a growing fleet of Airbus A320 aircraft. You can stay updated with their activities on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Ugsei Inc., an aerospace manufacturer, is looking toward the future of air travel. Founded by Senna Ferguson, the company is developing an electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft intended for air taxi services. It’s headquartered in Toronto, Ontario. You can follow their progress on LinkedIn and Facebook.


Founded by Alex Kapralov, the Toronto-based company STELLS is on a mission to provide reliable power technologies for space expeditions. The company’s Mobile Power Rover (MPR-1) is set to launch for the Moon’s South Pole in 2024 to supply power to other missions. You can learn more about their mission on their LinkedIn page.

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