Ontario’s Innovative Automotive Startups Reshaping Canada’s Auto Industry Landscape

January 3, 2024

The automotive industry is witnessing radical transformation and disruption powered by technology advancements and innovative startups. Particularly, the province of Ontario in Canada is becoming a hub of automotive innovation. Numerous startups in the region are focusing on developing solutions for different aspects of the automotive industry, including Big Data analytics, software solutions, and retail innovations among others. This year, Ontario saw the inception of several startups which have the potential to redefine the future of the automotive industry. Here are some noteworthy startups based in Ontario.

NowVertical Group

Founded in Toronto by Daren Trousdell, NowVertical Group specializes in big data, analytics, and Vertical Intelligence software. The firm aims to transform data monetization through the creation of high-value Vertical Intelligence solutions specific to each sector including automotive and business development among others. Connect with them on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Subskryb, founded by Giovanni Smith, Kendell Johnson, and Preston Martelly in Toronto, is changing the game with its subscription-based “car-as-a-service” platform which caters to the ever-growing car-share culture. Stay updated with them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Super NuNu

Headquartered in Ontario, California, Super NuNu specializes in two-wheeler products including a variety of accessories such as quick chargers and speedometers. Keep up with them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


adasThink is yet another notable startup in the Automotive sector, based in Toronto, Ontario. Stay connected with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Based in Oakville, Ontario, TruckIQ is impacting the automotive and the freight service industry. Stay connected with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Fetch Moto

Founded by Jesse Thompson, Fetch Moto aims to facilitate the purchase of vehicles seamlessly. Connect with them on LinkedIn.


Born in Ottawa, Ontario, Autocorp.ai, founded by Andrew Lemoine and Josh Elias, is a fintech company developing pioneering solutions for the automotive industry in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services. Keep up with them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Core Dealer Services

Headquartered in Toronto, Core Dealer Services provides an opportunity mining tool and communication platform built for automotive industry professionals. Stay in touch with them on LinkedIn.

Panda Hub

Founded by Abdullah Sharief and Mark Ahee, Panda Hub provides eco-friendly mobile detailing services powered by Lamborghini. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Mobility Innovation Lab (MIL)

Founded by Jaspal Singh in Mississauga, Mobility Innovation Lab (MIL) is dedicated to helping cities unlock the power of innovation for growth. Stay updated with them on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Founded by Matthew McKenzie, CarDoor is transforming how people buy cars for Canadians by offering a fully online customer experience. Keep a tab on their updates on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

The startups mentioned are not just riding the wave of disruption in the automotive industry, but they are primarily the forces driving that wave. Ontario’s thriving ecosystem for startups, coupled with the sheer wealth of innovation and technological advancements that these new businesses bring to the table, indicate a bright future for automotive innovation in the region.

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