Ontario’s Leaders in Home Health Care: Revolutionizing Patient Experience

Discover the top 15 innovative Home Health Care startups of Ontario that are shaping the future of home-based care

1. Hyivy Health [Website]

Bringing Rehabilitation to the Doorstep
Description: Hyivy Health provides a unique pelvic rehabilitation device, complete with trackable data, dedicated to assisting women in recovery from pelvic diseases and surgeries.

2. MediSeen [Website]

Virtual Care, Real Impact
Description: MediSeen introduces advanced virtual healthcare and home care technology, allowing physicians and health providers to remotely cater to their community.

3. IRegained Inc. [Website]

Empowering Neurological Recovery at Home
Description: IRegained spearheads the field of digital neurotherapeutics, devising in-home digital rehabilitation systems.

4. Embrace Health Innovations [Website]

Prioritizing Personal and Social Wellness
Description: They stand at the intersection of Health Tech and self-esteem R&D, focusing on holistic health.

5. Unity Health Toronto [Website]

A Spectrum of Care for Every Need
Description: A renowned healthcare center, Unity Health Toronto provides a comprehensive range of care to its patients, residents, and clients.

6. ConsidraCare [Website]

Eldercare at its Best, Aging with Dignity
Description: ConsidraCare specializes in senior care, ensuring eldercare, caregivers, and aging at home technologies are modern and efficient.

7. Custodia [Website]

Connecting Seniors with Helping Hands
Description: Custodia serves the older adult community, linking them with Custodia Helpers for various home maintenance tasks.

8. LocateMotion [Website]

Innovating for Cognition Loss and Alzheimer’s Patients
Description: LocateMotion offers groundbreaking solutions for those battling cognition loss, Alzheimer’s, and Dementia.

9. BISEP [Website]

Mobility and Ambulation for All
Description: BISEP is on a mission to develop technologies that significantly boost ambulation in aging and disabled individuals.

10. Care& Family Health [Website]

Onsite Lab Testing with Immediate Access to Results
Description: Care& Family Health is revolutionizing healthcare solutions by offering onsite lab testing, telemedicine, and immediate result accessibility.

11. Hulpr [Website]

Community-driven Support System for Seniors
Description: Hulpr establishes a robust community-based support mechanism for seniors, those with disabilities, and their primary caregivers.

12. Caring Touch Home Health Care [Website]

Nurse-managed Palliative and Hospice Care
Description: Caring Touch Home Health Care provides a nurse-managed approach to palliative and hospice care services.

13. Comfort Keepers Cambridge, Brantford, Paris, Ontario [Website]

Holistic Elder Care for the Cambridge Communities
Description: Their dedicated caregivers provide elder care, assisted living services, and in-home care to seniors in and around Cambridge.

14. Full Circle Home Care [Website]

Comprehensive Home Care Solutions
Description: Full Circle Home Care offers a plethora of services including home care, remote care, property maintenance, and even bill-paying services.

15. Comfort Keepers Senior Care Hamilton [Website]

Trusted Senior Care in Hamilton
Description: Comfort Keepers Senior Care Hamilton is a leading name, known for its in-home senior care, and elder care services catering to Hamilton communities.

The province of Ontario, with its rich healthcare ecosystem, is home to some of the most innovative Home Health Care startups. As the demand for at-home care continues to rise, these companies are ensuring that quality care is never out of reach. From digital rehabilitation systems to specialized elder care, the future of home health care in Ontario looks promising and patient-centric.

Photo by Sora Shimazaki from Pexels

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