Ontario’s Leading Lights: 15 Brand Marketing Companies Making a Splash

October 21, 2023

1. Silver Lining Marketing

  • Website: Silver Lining Marketing
  • About: Specializing in brand development, communications, and enhancing customer experience, this company stands as a beacon for businesses looking to shine brighter.

2. Txtify Technologies

  • Website: Txtify Technologies
  • About: Txtify has taken the traditional QR code and supercharged it, offering a modern SaaS solution for creating captivating QR experiences.

3. Match Retail

  • Website: Match Retail
  • About: A game changer in the branded retail space, Match Retail collaborates with major brands across North America, delivering sales and merchandising solutions.


  • Website: TMRRW
  • About: Crafting visual identities and compelling content, TMRRW propels brands into the future with their forward-thinking approach.

5. Puff Digital

  • Website: Puff Digital
  • About: Rooted in the cannabis sector, Puff Digital supports and markets cannabis brands with an innovative flair, using their comprehensive creative services.

6. GreenX media

  • Website: GreenX media
  • About: This digital media agency is a go-to for brands looking for creative and efficient digital solutions.


  • Website: NTAAA
  • About: With a suite of services, from analytics to outdoor advertising, NTAAA offers a holistic approach to brand exposure and consumer targeting.

8. Now or Never

  • Website: Now or Never
  • About: Living up to their name, this agency is all about seizing the moment. They ideate and transform these ideas into groundbreaking products, services, and businesses.

9. Vendetta Media

  • Website: Vendetta Media
  • About: An all-rounder in the creative space, Vendetta Media excels in web design, branding, marketing strategy, and videography.

10. Polymatiks

  • Website: Polymatiks
  • About: Pioneers in personalizing the customer journey, Polymatiks specializes in delivering unique promotions and pricing tactics.

11. 369Konnect

  • Website: 369Konnect
  • About: 369Konnect is a holistic brand development agency. Their expertise ranges from digital services to innovative marketing and investment strategies.

12. Hashtag Communications

  • Website: Hashtag Communications
  • About: As digital consultants, Hashtag Communications is the guiding star for brands navigating the vast digital landscape.

13. OpenGravity

  • Website: OpenGravity
  • About: Data-driven and strategy-focused, OpenGravity merges analytics with strategic consulting to craft powerful branding and marketing campaigns.

14. ADxg

  • Website: ADxg
  • About: Representing the forefront of the marketing industry, ADxg prides itself on its innovative approaches to brand promotion.

15. Rebels of Design

  • Website: Rebels of Design
  • About: With a rebel’s spirit, this agency crafts stories and designs that not only resonate but also accelerate companies’ growth.

The brand marketing landscape in Ontario is rich with innovators and creative thinkers. These 15 companies are just a glimpse of the talent and expertise the province has to offer.

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