Ontario’s Newest Bitcoin Startups: Showcasing Canadian Cryptocurrency Innovators

January 5, 2024

Canada has become a hotspot for new and innovative startups, and Ontario has emerged as a thriving hub. Particularly, startups in the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency industry are rapidly on the rise, and the province is witnessing a surge in businesses that are harnessing the potential of decentralization and digital currencies. Founded in 2020 or later, these startups are fresh, contemporary, and forerunning the digital movement in line with global trends. Let’s take a look at some of the most prominent startups in Ontario operating within the flourishing Bitcoin industry.

Piggy Capital

Founded in Toronto, Ontario, Piggy Capital operates in the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency industry offering services enabling individuals and companies to convert Bitcoin to reserve currency. This comes with huge benefits such as allowing customers to potentially buy a house or a car with Bitcoin. Their business model ensures inclusive and sustainable economic growth. Find out more on their website, or connect with them on Facebook and Twitter: @PiggyCapital.


Based in Toronto, Ontario, Desentra is aimed at revolutionizing the crypto-education segment. Founded by Roman Vassilenko, Desentra provides easy-to-understand and accessible crypto courses that can be consumed anywhere and on any device. Engage with Desentra on their website, connect on Facebook or follow on Twitter at @Desentra1.


Mash, established by Jared Nusinoff in Toronto, Ontario, offers a new business model for internet monetization. The company emphasizes remonetizing the internet and facilitates value-for-value monetary exchanges between creators and users. It also offers a unique friction-minimized streaming payments service based on Bitcoin. Visit their website or connect on LinkedIn and Twitter handle @getmash.


Focused on creating a new and improved payment ecosystem, Storspay provides a platform for merchants to receive payments in crypto and fiat currencies with miniscule transaction fees. Storspay users can enjoy benefits like cashbacks, earning interest, and even stake their balances for lending. Learn more on their website, or engage with them on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter: @StorsappI.

Arxnovum Investments

Located in Toronto, Ontario, Arxnovum Investments provides analysis of potential risks associated with investing in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin through private pools. Connect with them on their website, LinkedIn or Twitter: @arxnovum.


For those who wish to acquire Bitcoin, 1800BITCOIN provides a platform to sell Bitcoin directly to consumers in the United States over the phone and online. Get to know more about the platform on their website or follow them on LinkedIn.

S6 Global

Operating out of Brampton, Ontario, S6 Global provides a comprehensive trading platform for users interested in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies. Connect with them on their website, Facebook, or Twitter: @S6GlobalEx.


Based out of Toronto, TapSats offers financial services in the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency industry. Keep yourself updated with TapSats’ services on their website, follow them on Instagram, LinkedIn, or follow their Twitter.

From crypto education to trading platforms, these startups are pioneering the integration of blockchain, cryptocurrency, and Bitcoin into everyday financial systems. They are a testament to Ontario’s standing as a thriving hub for Bitcoin and digital currency startups in Canada and are poised to make significant contributions to the global digital economy.

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