Ontario’s Rising Business Intelligence Startups Shaping Canada’s Industry Landscape

January 4, 2024

The Canadian startup scene is buzzing with innovative and ambitious newcomers. Amongst these fresh ventures, a particular sector is making notable strides – the Business Intelligence industry. Recently founded startups, particularly those originating from 2020 and beyond, are harnessing the power of data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to drive conclusive business decision-making. Ontario, with its vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem, is home to the headquarters of some of the most intriguing of these startups. Utilizing advanced technology and inventive approaches, these firms are revolutionizing conventional business intelligence processes.

The tech-savvy province of Ontario is no stranger to groundbreaking startups that are shaping a new dawn in the Business Intelligence industry. Whether it’s detecting sensitive data, annotating complex data structures, or transforming public data collection methods, these new players offer an array of breathtaking solutions. As part of this series, we delve into these ventures to understand the startling imprint they’re leaving on the Business Intelligence sector.

Let’s delve deeper into the profiles of some of these exhilarating companies, understanding their specialties, founders, and solutions. Presented in no particular order, they’re painting a unique and empowering picture of how business intelligence is evolving in the Canadian startup landscape.

Data Sentinel

Founded by Kevin Downey and Mark Rowan, Data Sentinel operates in the Business Intelligence, Cloud Data Services, and Machine Learning sectors. Based in Vaughan, Data Sentinel provides an enterprise sensitive data management platform using deep learning technology for active data governance. It enables data risk measurements, audit data quality, and data duplication detection at impressive speeds.


Located in Dundas, DataTorch is the brainchild of Michael Nguyen. It operates within the Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, and Data Integration sectors, offering a scalable machine learning data tool designed for annotating any data structure. It gives developers more time to focus on model-creation by accelerating all aspects of machine learning production.

Acies Ai

Based in Toronto, Acies Ai, founded by Jonathan Keebler, is innovating in the Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, Computer, Finance, FinTech, and Software industry.


Founded by Ha Na, BusinessCobra is a business blog based in Toronto that discusses a myriad of topics related to starting, running, marketing, and selling a business. It operates within the Business Development, Business Intelligence, Local Business, and Small and Medium Businesses sectors.


Xlscout, headquartered in Mississauga, was founded by Jitin Talwar, Komal Sharma Talwar, Pranav Sharma, and Sandeep Singh Kohli. It offers data-driven strategic decision-making solutions in the Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, Intellectual Property, Machine Learning, and Software sectors.

The Happenin Company

The Happenin Company, co-founded by Arjun Mali, Bin Liu, Charles Plant, and Diane Lai in Toronto, digitizes group bookings for social occasions and experiences. It’s an all-in-one platform that connects venues, hosts, and guests, simplifying all group occasion planning processes.


Evidence, co-founded by Adam McAskill and Sean Hughes in Toronto, develops an open-source code-based business intelligence tool that enables the creation of reports and dashboards using a markup language.


Founded by Carlos Secada and Joel Moreno and headquartered in Toronto, Zagitas specializes in Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, Marketing Automation, and Sales Automation.


Entrepreneur Roomi Khurshid’s Toronto-based startup, Pulsee, is bringing an innovative touch to the traditional business card. By adding business intelligence to the traditional handshake, they have created a smart business card that engages prospects immediately.


Shiftproxy, a Toronto-based firm in the Business Intelligence, Information Technology, Software, and Web Hosting sectors, is leading the charge in public data collection. They offer premium proxies and data collection solutions for users worldwide, assisting with market research, brand protection, SEO monitoring, pricing intelligence, and more.

The Canadian startup scene, peppered with such dynamic ventures, continues its journey towards redefining the Business Intelligence sector. Armed with the power of innovation, these start-ups are undoubtedly the ones to watch.

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