Progressive Bed Is Part Of The Progressive Automations Inc. Family!

December 8, 2022

The development of automation technologies for everyday life is inevitable in all respects. Contemporary society needs changes to save time, stay more flexible, and eco-friendly receiving at the same time get ergonomic solutions. All of this is our reality today and whether people like it or not, most of us use these amazing technological innovations. This is because we see the difference. Progressive Bed Company is one of the up-to-date examples of how to improve our sleeping time and make it healthier with the help of simple but functional construction.

Progressive Bed is one of the projects and, actually, the business part of Progressive Automations Inc. They offer the biggest choice of automation products that everyone can use and control easily. All the company experts have innovative ideas, are very creative, and are experienced in providing people with the best products ever. Their great passion is the key to successful manufacturing and their huge love for what they are doing helps the team to meet the customers’ needs. Constant growth and development of the company inside lead to skills improvement and knowledge in the area.

In other words, Progressive Automations is an expert in the field of automation and motion control solutions, Such Progressive products as electric linear actuators, control systems, compatible power sources, and special PLC controls. It comes not only about the automation of industrial space but more about functional options for homes and offices. Today, we can enjoy the variety of their high-quality adjustable standing desks, TV lifts, motorized bed frames, and separate lifting column sets for your individual purpose. The products are made with great love and real automation.

Enjoy Real Personalized Technology with Progressive Bed: Comfortable Sleep is Affordable for Everyone

Progressive Bed continues to develop and create innovative technology with a new approach all the time. You can perfectly observe this tendency in their production of popular adjustable bed frames with many useful features. Progressive Bed is a relatively new member of the family of Progressive Automations Inc. that deals with the design and ready-made production of automated bed frames with adjustable functions including massage and the rest of the useful things. They offer also a range of eligible comfortable mattresses, and helpful accessories to provide you with even better comfort.

With one push of a button, customers can experience a high level of comfort for their head and foot zone including considerable relief in the back and shoulders.

What Makes Progressive Bed Frames So Special

To have regularly a healthy physical and mental state, it is essential to keep your posture properly and have a deep and good sleeping time. Beds were invented for sleep and night rest from the very beginning; however, these special beds with included functionality can serve for many other regular activities like:

  • Working on a laptop sometimes,
  • Watching TV,
  • Reading your favorite book, or simply
  • Talking with your friend over your smartphone.

This is you who decides what to do there, but the comfort you can receive with an adjustable bed frame is incomparable. Every customer has their own vision of a perfect adjustable bed with ideal configurations for them. It more depends on the activities a person performs during the day being in the bedroom. Read further to discover the essential facts about adjustable beds, their functions, and things they can do to improve your health and sleep.

The bed’s frame works in such a way that it can be positioned differently to meet the requirements of your body. Its design allows customers to use configurations in accordance with individual preferences. The current market offers a variety of adjustable beds with incorporated linear actuators of absolutely different colors, shapes, and features to meet the requirements of the most sophisticated users. Among popular and favorite features are head and foot adjustments, USB charging ports, incorporated massagers and even lighting under the bed.

The Way All Progressive Adjustable Beds Work?

To move the bed’s frame to the appropriate position, there have been applied electric linear actuators. They transform electric energy into mechanical power that will help to get the adjustments you want. The whole system is very safe to allow quick and smooth work without any bed damage cases. Due to the power supply unit, the electric power comes from a common wall outlet and is converted into DC voltage. All this process helps to power the attached main control box.

The rest of included electronics in the adjustable bed frame being connected to the central control box will receive the necessary amount of power as well. Each bed model can have a different method of control. For example, Progressive Bed offers even a wireless remote control which is very convenient. Just do not forget the place where you put it. This type of remote transmits RF frequency that comes to the control box and starts the operation of different functions. You can use comprehensive and clear information about how to assemble all the components of the bed and use it.

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