Quebec’s HR Innovators: Transforming Workplaces, One Company at a Time

November 29, 2023

In the ever-evolving world of work, Human Resources (HR) companies are instrumental in shaping productive, engaged, and satisfied workforces. Quebec, Canada, has emerged as a hub for such innovative HR companies, each offering unique solutions to modern workplace challenges. Let’s dive into the details of 15 remarkable HR companies operating in Quebec.

Ovrpass: Revolutionizing Recruitment

  • Website: Ovrpass
  • What They Do: Ovrpass offers a recruitment marketing chatbot platform tailored for businesses with shift workers. Their approach focuses on improving ROI by attracting better candidates.

Applauz: Award-Winning Employee Engagement

  • Website: Applauz
  • What They Do: Applauz is known for its employee engagement and recognition platform, fostering a positive workplace culture.

Folks: HR Solutions

  • Website: Folks
  • What They Do: Folks HR helps hundreds of SMBs save as much as one day a week with its innovative HR features. From employee onboarding to performance evaluation and HR analytics, you can get everything done and boost productivity with Folks.

Vacation Tracker: Simplifying Leave Management

  • Website: Vacation Tracker
  • What They Do: They provide a remote-friendly solution for tracking employee leaves, streamlining the process for modern work environments.

Prosomo: Marketing Meets Human Resources

  • Website: Prosomo
  • What They Do: Located in Gatineau, Prosomo blends marketing with HR, offering innovative strategies for workforce management.

JobsMedia: Optimizing Staffing Processes

  • Website: JobsMedia
  • What They Do: JobsMedia offers a free applicant tracking system, providing an all-in-one HR solution to streamline staffing processes.

Ahvoda Recruitment Inc.: Data-Driven Part-Time Employment

  • Website: Ahvoda Recruitment Inc.
  • What They Do: Specializing in part-time employment, Ahvoda Recruitment uses data-driven strategies to match candidates with roles.

Oxilia: Veterinary Recruitment Marketplace

  • Website: Oxilia
  • What They Do: Oxilia operates an online platform that connects veterinary professionals with clinics, enhancing the recruitment process in the animal health sector.

Workali: Accelerating Recruitment with AI

  • Website: Workali
  • What They Do: Workali uses AI to expedite the recruitment process, aiming for immediate productivity for both employers and employees.

Go RH: Tailored Recruitment Solutions

  • Website: Go RH
  • What They Do: As a consulting firm, Go RH offers customized solutions for diverse recruitment needs.

2n2Hire: AI-Powered Talent Sourcing

  • Website: 2n2Hire
  • What They Do: 2N2Hire leverages AI to match profiles with opportunities, streamlining the talent sourcing process.

The AVent Techs: Specialized AV Labor Provision

  • Website: The AVent Techs
  • What They Do: They provide AV labor for events and shows, offering specialized crews for various corporate and entertainment needs.

Nexam Solution: Web-Based HR Services

  • Website: Nexam Solution
  • What They Do: Nexam Solution offers a range of online HR services, including assessments, e-exams, and coaching.

Hub6: Comprehensive Service Center for Entrepreneurs

  • Website: Hub6
  • What They Do: Hub6 provides strategic support in accounting, tax, legal, marketing, and HR to entrepreneurs.

Levasseur Warren Coaching: Enhancing HR through Coaching

  • Website: Levasseur Warren Coaching
  • What They Do: This company focuses on human resources development and performance improvement through high-level coaching.

Zaddons: Providing HR Solutions

  • Website: Zaddons
  • What They Do: Zaddons offers solutions in the HR realm, aiding companies in managing their workforce effectively.

These companies are not just transforming HR in Quebec but are also setting trends for the global HR landscape. Their innovative approaches ensure that workplaces not only adapt to the changing times but also thrive in them.

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