Quebec’s Noteworthy Consumer Industry Startups Elevating Canadian Entrepreneurship

January 5, 2024

Welcome to the vibrant ecosystem of Quebec’s thriving startup scene. Despite the challenging circumstances of 2020 and beyond, a new generation of entrepreneurs has emerged, showing resilience, innovation, and a strong will to succeed. The consumer industry has particularly seen a significant surge in startups, with a remarkable number of real game-changers whose inception was in 2020 or later. This article will shine the spotlight on these up-and-coming startups and their achievements, giving you a taste of the dynamic entrepreneurial spirit across this French-speaking province.

Québec has a reputation for its unique blend of culture, creativity, and commercial vitality. The startups we’ll present straddle various segments within the consumer industry, from digital solutions to health and wellness products, indicating the extensive diversity and breadth of innovation within the province. We aim to illuminate the sheer dedication, vision, and innovative approaches these firms have adopted since their inception in 2020 or later, despite the challenging economic environment.

For every company embarked on its entrepreneurial journey, it’s important to get noticed, get heard, and ultimately, get business. This makes connections vital, and with the following profiles of some of the most promising startups in Quebec, we aim to aid the networking process for both veterans and newcomers in the industry.


A Montreal-based startup founded by Ara Ghougassian, Gavin Dove, Olga Sanchís, and Yaniv Silberman. Fluent is pushing the boundaries in the fields of browser extensions, consumer software, e-learning, education, and language learning. Stay updated with Fluent on Twitter or connect on LinkedIn.

Unicorn Train

Unicorn Train, based in Sainte-adelaide-de-pabos, is a rising star in the Application Performance Management sphere. With their unique blend of consumer software, embedded software, and presentation software, they’re set to redefine the industry standard. Connect with Unicorn Train on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Kanope Fragrances

Co-founder Sonia Hostage’s Kanope Fragrances is revolutionizing the Consumer Goods sector in Montreal. This artisanal and natural perfumery provides vegan, gender-neutral fragrances and handmade products. They promote traditional perfumery with a desire to offer healthier and more responsible perfumes. Follow Kanope Fragrances on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded by Mansib Rahman, Masum Rahman, Mostafa Saadat, and Qudsia Saadat, Radish is an innovative online ordering, delivery, and marketing platform based in Montreal. The company …

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