Quebec’s Rising Biotech Startups Revolutionizing Canada’s Healthcare Industry

January 5, 2024

The biotech industry has been experiencing rapid growth and advancements over the years. Recently, the global pandemic showed the urgency, viability, and the importance of biotech, as it played a key role in developing vaccines unprecedentedly quickly. The province of Quebec, Canada, has always been known to foster innovation, research, and development in various fields. Given these circumstances, it’s no surprise that some of the world’s most trailblazing biotech startups have chosen Quebec as their hub of operations. Let’s explore some of these innovative new biotech startups, all founded in 2020 or later, that are taking the healthcare, pharmaceutical and food and beverage industry to new horizons using their cutting-edge solutions.

From regenerative medicine and drug discovery to redefining food and revolutionizing cancer treatments, these groundbreaking ventures are pushing the boundaries of what is possible in biotech. In addition to being driven by exceptional individuals, these startups also showcase the diversity of the biotech industry, demonstrating its broad appeal and potential. It’s a testament to the vibrant, innovative ecosystem in Quebec, where great ideas are nurtured and ambition is rewarded.

As you delve into learning about these ventures, you will discover that these startups are not just about technologies or inventions. They are fundamentally about people – the founders who took risks, the teams that believed in their vision, the investors who provided the resources, and ultimately, the people whose lives will be transformed due to their innovative solutions. So, without further ado, let’s discover the brilliance of these blazing new trailblazers in biotech.

Saguaro Technologies

Based in Quebec, Saguaro Technologies is redefining drug discovery technologies to combat human diseases. Their products are designed to help drug developers make the most of in vitro models, aiming to generate data that is more predictive of results in clinical trials with humans. Their data-driven approach aims to revolutionize the healthcare and medical industry.

Opalia Foods

Opalia Foods, located in Montreal, is merging biotechnology and the food and beverage industry. Founded by Jennifer Côté and Lucas House, Opalia seeks to revolutionize the food industry with innovative, scientific solutions.

Congruence Therapeutics

Congruence Therapeutics is a Montreal-based biotech company that operates at the crossroads of computational and experimental drug discovery. Their goal is to design novel small molecules for diseases of protein misfolding, thereby tackling some of the most challenging medical conditions.


Based in Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, Quebec, Meatleo, founded by Pierre Normandin, is a foundation using its biotech expertise to revolutionize the food industry. However, further information about their innovation is yet to be disclosed.


BioMimir Inc. diverts from the traditional application of biotechnology. Instead, they focus on regenerative medicine. Situated in Sherbrooke, Quebec, this company has developed adhesive, anti-inflammatory, pro-regenerative wound fillers. Their solutions are aimed at complex wounds, potentially leading to affordable and accessible wound healing products that pinpoint unmet needs in reconstructive surgery.


In the forefront of immuno-oncology, Immugenia‘s mission extends to developing a novel approach to CAR therapy. This Sherbrooke-based startup engineers hematopoietic stem cells to treat cancer and prevent relapses, potentially redefining cancer treatment.


Last but not least, Sorintellis is a Montreal-based company leveraging artificial intelligence for strategic pharmaceutical portfolio management. They offer their technology to the pharmaceutical industry, life sciences investment funds, and contract research organizations, thus contributing to the biotech industry’s expansive potential.

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