Quebec’s Trailblazers: Driving the Future of Transportation

Journeying through the innovation highways of Quebec’s transportation industry

1. Azzera: Aviation’s Green Compass

  • Azzera’s Website
    Emerging as a pivotal player in the aviation sector, Azzera’s B2B SaaS platform paves the way for aviation enterprises to embark on an eco-friendly trajectory by connecting them to carbon markets.

2. Truxweb: Elevating Logistics Digitally

  • Truxweb’s Website
    Truxweb’s Logistic Service Platform is revolutionizing the way goods are moved, making transportation processes streamlined and efficient.

3. Aura Innovation: Augmented Reality Hits the Road

  • Aura Innovation’s Website
    Aura Innovation is shaping the future of vehicular displays, providing Augmented Reality Head-Up Displays for commercial vehicles and autonomous driving.

4. Niosense: Traffic Signals, Now Smarter

  • Niosense’s Website
    Pioneering an optimized system for vehicular movement, Niosense is enhancing traffic signal management to facilitate smoother mobility.

5. A-malgam Technologies Inc.: Blockchain Meets Mobility

  • A-malgam’s Website
    With MOOVIN.IO and under its belt, A-malgam Technologies Inc. is integrating blockchain technology for proficient asset management, data logging, and analysis in mobility.

6. OPA Technologies: Navigating Road Closures in Real-time

  • OPA Technologies’ Website
    OPA’s Geospatial SaaS is a game-changer for municipalities, enabling better coordination, planning, and real-time communication regarding road closures and detours.

7. Xpedigo: Couriering the Future

  • Xpedigo’s Website
    Xpedigo stands as a beacon in the transportation realm, offering courier, logistics, and transportation services on both local and global scales.

8. BusPas: AI-powered Bus Stops

  • BusPas’s Website
    By harnessing the power of AI, BusPas introduces a unique mobility platform specializing in the management and operation of intelligent bus stops.

9. Autorite Regionale De Transport Metropolitain: The Heartbeat of Public Transportation

  • ARTM’s Website
    Dedicated to planning, funding, organizing, and promoting public transit services, ARTM is at the forefront of Quebec’s metropolitan transport scene.

10. Groupe Somavrac: The Logistics Maestro

11. Civilia: Urban Mobility through AI Expertise

  • Civilia’s Website
    Merging transportation knowledge with AI capabilities, Civilia introduces groundbreaking solutions for urban mobility.

12. CLE Capital: Financial Bedrock of Transportation

  • CLE Capital’s Website
    CLE Capital, from its base in Trois-Rivieres, underpins the transportation sector with essential financial services.

13. Sustainable Mobility Agency: Envisioning a Greener Tomorrow

14. Propulsion Quebec: Electrifying the Transport Landscape

  • Propulsion Quebec’s Website
    Supporting the inception and advancement of smart and electric transportation, Propulsion Quebec is driving the green movement in vehicular technology.

15. Eva: Blockchain-based Cooperative Ride-sharing

  • Eva’s Website
    A unique cooperative endeavor, Eva is co-owned by rider and driver members, introducing a blockchain-backed ride-sharing application.

Quebec’s transportation companies are not just reshaping their immediate landscapes, but they’re setting benchmarks for the world to follow. Their innovation-driven approaches are not just about transportation; they’re about envisioning a smarter, greener future.

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