Revolutionary Canadian Advertising Platforms Thriving in London’s Startup Scene

January 4, 2024

Based out of London, a vibrant hub for innovation, a series of startups have emerged in recent times, making their mark in the Advertising Platforms industry. These startups have displayed impressive growth and potential since their inception in 2020. In this article, we will be focusing on such rapidly blooming startups, their unique selling propositions and what sets them apart from their competitors.

Despite challenging global circumstances, these startups have managed to not only survive but thrive, leveraging technical innovation, clear business strategy, and a keen understanding of market dynamics. With their headquarters in London, they portray the resilient and robust nature of the city’s startup ecosystem. Here, we delve into the profiles of these promising enterprises.

Although diverse in their offerings, all the featured startups have one thing in common: their ingenuity in creating cutting-edge advertising solutions. From providing alternative platforms for content creators to decoding the true value of content marketing efforts, these startups have transformed the advertising industry.


Co-founded by Joel Morris and William Monage, Fanvue embarked on its journey in March 2020. This venture presents an alternative platform to OnlyFans and Patreon, targeting the burgeoning direct-to-fan model within the sector. This innovative approach makes them a contender to watch in the Advertising Platforms, Content Creators, and Film Production spheres.


Spontza has made its mark by revolutionizing the sponsorship, partnership, events, and hospitality experiences. Its unique approach is transforming how Rights Holders interact with sponsors, partners, fans, customers, and consumers. Operating across Advertising Platforms, Brand Marketing, Business Intelligence, and Digital Marketing landscapes, this startup shows promising potential.

ReMake Technologies

ReMake, co-founded by Daniel Robey, offers a creative versioning platform. It allows clients to bring about content changes with unmatched simplicity, speed, and global scale. Their fresh take on content alteration makes them a name to remember in the Advertising Platforms industry.


Founded by Pete Sayburn, Studiospace provides a growth platform for independent agencies and their pioneering leaders. Their work across the Advertising, Advertising Platforms, Digital Media, and Marketing sectors sets them apart from the rest.

Bazaar Click

Launched by Hashim A., Bazaar Click built the top UK Free Classifieds Directory. They enable businesses, freelancers, and private sellers to ethically and affordably advertise products and services, making them a key player across several domains. helps businesses to see the true value of their content marketing efforts by gaining insights from the most crucial people, their audience. Being the first content-review platform, they hold a promising position in the Advertising industry.


Circularr, co-founded by Eric Vogel and Zak Johnson, is a sustainable blockchain ecosystem concentrating on the incubation and development of sustainable crypto assets backed by recycled sustainable commodities. Their objective is to decrease pollution levels and drive consumer behavioural change.

Founded by Jonathan Hedger,, the UK’s largest job board for Data & Analytics professionals, provides niche, specialised advertising opportunities, and a fast, professional short-listing service for data & analytics roles, making them a significant contributor in the HR and advertising sectors.


Started by Ryan Anderson-Smith, Homescore offers property services. They assist people looking to rent or sell property legally, while offering EPCs, floor plans, and viewings for those looking to purchase a house.


Steppr, founded by Stephen Jeffrey, offers full voucher management and loyalty-focused marketing for businesses, for free. Vouchers are displayed to consumers via iOS and Android apps, making them an inventive player in the Advertising Platforms, Apps, Coupons, Loyalty Programs, and Marketing industries.

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