Revolutionizing Agriculture: Innovative Alberta-Based Startups In Canada’s Farming Frontier

January 4, 2024

As Canada’s agriculture industry continues to evolve, a new generation of startups is emerging, bringing innovative technologies and fresh perspectives to the field. Particularly in Alberta, these ventures are redefining how we cultivate and produce food. This is the first article in a series exploring these startups that have emerged since 2020 and are pioneering a more sustainable, efficient, and tech-driven future for Canadian agriculture.

Alberta offers a fertile ground for agricultural innovation. Its dynamic economy, favorable climate conditions, and progressive agricultural policies present ideal opportunities for these startups. Today, we’ll unveil eleven startups based in Alberta that are driving forward agricultural innovation with exceptional products, services and technologies.

From regenerative farming to autonomous machinery and biotech research, these startups are making a significant impact in Agriculture industry. So, let’s delve into who these companies are and what they’re bringing to the table.

Replenish Nutrients

Founded in Okotoks, Alberta, Replenish Nutrients has established itself as a leader in the regenerative agriculture space. They craft innovative products to help farmers optimize crop yields in a sustainable way. They have redefined the norms of agriculture to generate more value for growers. Stay connected with them on Linked here and Facebook here.

Mojow Autonomous Solutions

Born in Edmonton, Alberta, Mojow Autonomous Solutions is bringing Artificial Intelligence and digital technology to agricultural operations. They not only deploy autonomous farm machinery but also offer specialized software solutions. Enhancing farming operations by eliminating the need for human operators, they’re a beacon of cutting-edge ag-tech innovation. Reach them on their Linkedin page here.


Alberta-based startup AgGene is a prominent player in the intersection of agriculture and biotechnology. Co-founded by Logan Skori and Marcus Samuel in Calgary, the firm is pioneering new ways to enhance food and beverage production through cutting-edge, life science approaches. Connect with them on Linkedin here.

Global Machinery Auctions

Based in Edmonton, Global Machinery Auctions is revolutionizing the marketing and sales of quality pre-owned and new parts in the heavy equipment industry. With an expansive global approach, they cater to the construction, farm, oilfield equipment, and trucking industries, among others. Follow them on Linkedin here and Facebook here.

Flokk Systems

Founded by Mark Olson, Alberta-based startup Flokk Systems is making strides in the farming and life science sector with sophisticated software solutions. Learn more about them on their Linkedin profile here.


Headquartered in Edmonton, RDAR is a non-profit organization investing strategically in agricultural research and innovation, in collaboration with producers and researchers to fast-track Alberta’s agricultural growth. Stay updated with them through their Linkedin here.

My Fungi

Calgary-based startup My Fungi is carving out its niche in the sustainable ag-tech and food industries. Find out more about their work via their LinkedIn here and Facebook here.

DeepBlue Greens

Emerging agricultural tech company, DeepBlue Greens, based in Edmonton, Alberta, develops innovative aeroponic, hydroponic, and greenhouse products that markedly improve crop yield and reduce resources. They can connect their products to any existing farming systems and significantly enhance crop growth. Further, their Voltaponics™ plant nutrient delivery system sets them apart in the industry. Connect with them via their Linkedin here and Facebook here.

Zignar Technologies

Registered in Alberta, Canada in 2020, Zignar Technologies develops hardware and software for the agricultural industry. They have a specialty in creating solutions for greenhouse farming using Internet of Things(IoT) standards including IOTA. Connect with them on their LinkedIn here.


Based in Calgary, Alberta, Mycorize is an agricultural tech startup founded by Andrew Poulton, Dustin Poole, and Rob Swiderski. They are another notable venture driving forward agricultural innovation in the region.


A pioneer in industrial hemp processing, HEMPALTA is an agricultural technology company based in Calgary, Alberta. Their sustainable hemp products are made using a state-of-the-art processing plant located in the heart of Calgary. They bring a new approach to agricultural practices and product creation in the sector. Explore their work and connect with them on Linkedin here.

Across a spectrum of industries, these Alberta-based startups are leveraging innovative technologies and ideas to reimagine agricultural industry. From regenerative agriculture to AI and software development, they’re leading the way to a more sustainable and efficient future. Watch this space for more updates on startups that are pushing the boundaries and making an impact in Canadian agriculture.

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