Revolutionizing British Columbia: Innovative Consumer Industry Startups of Canada

January 5, 2024

The province of British Columbia has experienced a surge in startups over the past couple of years, with a noticeable focus on the consumer industry. As per the Startup Genome’s Global Startup Ecosystem Report, Vancouver, BC’s largest city, is among the top 100 emerging ecosystems in the world and generates an annual economic value of over $29 billion. This article serves as an insider’s glimpse into 10 consumer startups established in 2020 or later, with headquarter operations in British Columbia.

Observably, these startups share a commitment towards enhancing consumer experiences in their respective industries, which range from beauty and wellness to finance and technology. We delve into each company’s mission, their products or services, and what makes them stand out. Despite their relatively recent emergence in the market, these startups have shown promise and competitive potential in their industries.

From fresh skincare products made from natural ingredients to innovative applications that round up news or organize travel, these startups have been created with a fresh and forward-thinking perspective. Let’s explore these standout startups in British Columbia further.


Mantaro operates in the B2B, consumer goods, and e-commerce industries. With its headquarters in Vancouver, Mantaro capitalizes on British Columbia’s technologically-inclined market to produce consumer-driven solutions.

Ativo Skincare

Located in Maple Ridge, Ativo Skincare specializes in natural skincare, haircare, and body care products. By emphasizing natural wellness and consumer-centric beauty solutions, Ativo Skincare distinguishes itself in the cosmetics market.

Canada Finances

Canada Finances is revolutionizing the consumer lending industry by offering simplified finance and lending solutions. Based on their mission to deliver financing for consumers irrespective of their credit history, they look for the best lending opportunities and streamline the process through technology.


Newsly, founded by Yoni Tzafrir, is a mobile application that aggregates and reads out the latest trending web articles in a human-like voice. This unique concept bridging news and technology provides users with audio content tailored to their unique preferences.


Pilot is an innovative startup that seeks to facilitate enjoyable travel experiences. Co-founded by Connor J. Wilson, Pilot offers a social trip planning app that aids users in every aspect of their travel adventure, stressing less and having more fun while saving time & money.

we are well

We are well, founded by James Bennett, aims to confront the everyday health and wellness issues young adults face. They produce a range of dietary supplements and health care products that prioritize the well-being of their users.

Nourish Clean Beauty

Founded by Po Chen, Nourish Clean Beauty offers a range of cosmetics and retail products. Their mission is to promote and cultivate the concept of clean beauty, thus nourishing the users from the inside out. is a Vancouver-based startup concentrating on productivity tools and software. By providing apps and tools, they help enhance the consumers’ wellness and productivity levels, adding value to their everyday life.


Founders Daniel Godfrey and Simon Chapman drive CYKEL’s mission to innovate the eBike experience. CYKEL develops hardware and software solutions that make eBikes safer, more secure, and smarter, contributing to sustainable transportation.


VePay, founded by Derrick Chen and Mafaz Jaufer, is shaking up the E-Commerce industry by offering Shari’ah-compliant factoring solutions for e-commerce businesses. The company’s dedication to meeting specific financing needs sets it apart from the crowd in the financial service industry.

The above Canadian startups, all hailing from British Columbia, cover a broad spectrum of the consumer industry. Encouragingly, these companies not only show growth potential but also showcase the diversity and innovation present in the budding startup ecosystem in British Columbia. In the eyes of these startups, British Columbia offers a wealth of resources and incentive to continue creating and innovating, consistent with the province’s commitment to fostering a dynamic business environment.

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