Revolutionizing Canada’s Consumer Industry: Meet London’s Noteworthy Startups

January 2, 2024

London, England, being the diverse, cosmopolitan city that it is, has a vibrant startup culture teeming with innovation and fresh ideas. In particular, the consumer industry—with its vast array of sub-sectors encompassing consumer goods, technology, software, e-commerce, retail, and many others—is seeing an exciting influx of startups, each with their own unique concepts and offerings. In this feature, we turn our spotlight to some of London’s newest consumer industry startups, all of which started in 2020 or later. They are redefining the landscape of their respective fields and bringing a breath of fresh air to the consumer industry.

Despite being relatively new, these startups already show promising signs of growth and potential. They are employing the latest technologies, implementing innovative business models, and drawing upon their founders’ unique expertise to find novel solutions to existing challenges in the consumer market. From tech gadgets and mobile payments to water purification and market research, these startups are helping to shape the future of the consumer industry.

Without further ado, let’s delve into these promising startups and explore what they have to offer.


Nothing is a consumer tech company founded by Carl Pei and Akis Evangelidis in 2020. Its mission is to remove barriers between people and technology through its innovative digital solutions. From wireless headphones to a suite of smart, connected consumer electronics, the company aims to usher in a new era of artistry, passion, and trust in the consumer tech space. Check out their LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook pages.

Olsam Group

Olsam Group, another tech-driven startup, was founded by Ollie Horbye and Sam Horbye. As a commerce company, Olsam caters to top Amazon third-party and other D2C eCommerce brands. With technology at the helm of its operations, Olsam acquires and operates at scale, redefining e-commerce efficiency. Find more about them on their LinkedIn page.

The Mothership

Founded by Ben Fletcher, The Mothership is pioneering the use of multichannel marketing and digital-first branding in the consumer goods domain. The company leverages these strategies to provide the best consumer products, striving to reshape the retail and supply chain management spheres. See their LinkedIn page for more details.


Trilo, a fintech start-up founded by Hamish Blythe, offers a simplified way for people to pay other people. With their focus on mobile payments, Trilo’s unique selling point is its ease and convenience. You can find more information on their LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook pages.


Sküma, a cleantech company founded by Alexandre Mahe and Georges Khairallah, is setting a new standard in water purification. By replenishing essential electrolytes, Sküma’s product transforms tap water into a high-quality functional beverage. More about the company can be found on their LinkedIn and Facebook pages.


PriceBring, a B2B e-commerce platform founded by Carl-Ferdinand Forster, offers solutions to all purchasing and replenishment problems faced by corner shops. It streamlines pickup and delivery operations, enabling convenience for shop owners. Learn more about them on their LinkedIn and Twitter pages.


Rebecca Griffiths founded Primis, a customer experience-focused enterprise that helps online retailers improve their pre- and post-purchase processes. As e-commerce gains traction, Primis focuses on providing a streamlined online customer experience through its SaaS solution. You can find more about them on their LinkedIn page.

The Dematerialised

The Dematerialised is a unique startup that blends fashion with digital technology. This innovative venture provides authenticated virtual goods that challenge traditional concepts of production, consumption, and ownership. More about them can be found on their LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook pages.

Fairfield Market Research

Fairfield Market Research, founded by Utkarsh Koregaonkar, specializes in providing in-depth market insights and analysis reports. Their research aims to empower businesses with the most relevant market data and analytics. Get more information on their LinkedIn and Twitter pages.


Emil Bayazitov created Coffeeopia, a platform that helps people discover, discuss, and learn about freshly roasted coffee. Utilizing crowd-sourced ratings from coffee drinkers worldwide, Coffeeopia aims to elevate the coffee drinking experience. Find out more about them on their LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook pages.


Caza is a London-based startup in the consumer goods and retail sector, focused primarily on furniture. Depending on individual style and space, Caza offers a range of furniture collections to cater to various needs. Visit their LinkedIn and Facebook pages to discover more.

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