Revolutionizing Canadian Banking: Spotlight on London-Based Startups

January 2, 2024

With the bustling startup scene in London, England, a significant number of intriguing new companies have been established in recent years. Several of these startups are operating in the banking industry, leveraging innovative technologies to offer novel financial services solutions. The startups covered in this article have either been founded in 2020 or later and all have their headquarters located in London. Here are some of the most promising banking startups to emerge from the city in the last few years.


Engaging in eco-conscious finance, TreeCard is a unique startup enabling customers to spend, save, and invest responsibly. The exclusive finance partner of Ecosia, their first product is a wooden payment card that funds reforestation using the interchange fees generated. You can connect with them on Twitter (@treecardapp) or LinkedIn.


Lanistar is using polymorphic technology to provide an alternative to the traditional personal finance offerings. The company has full time staff of 45 and plans to grow a 150-person support team in Greece. The company recently announced partnerships with Mastercard and Jumio. Follow them on Twitter (@iamlanistar) or LinkedIn.


FlowBank is a multi-asset trading platform offering online banking & investment services to brokers & corporate clients. They strive to deliver a diverse range of opportunities for their clients, making trading more accessible, efficient, and secure. Follow them on Twitter (@FlowBank_SA) or on LinkedIn.

Bloom Group SA

Bloom Group SA provides digital brands with founder-friendly capital and tools to accelerate growth. They use financial technology to unlock the potential of digital companies. You can connect with them on LinkedIn.


Mast is developing cloud-based technology to assist mortgage lenders in saving on costs, underwriting more applications, and delivering superior levels of service. Their goal is to enhance the digital experience for their users. Follow them on Twitter (@MastHQ) or on LinkedIn.


Saurus is a digital banking startup reinventing both digital and commercial banking with an emphasis on simplicity and user engagement. You can connect with them on Twitter (@saurusbanking) or on LinkedIn.


Twig is a circular economy-oriented fintech company. They turn things into cash instantly, power the circular economy, and champion a carbon offset lifestyle. Follow them on Twitter (@twigcard) or on LinkedIn.


Scribe offers a data platform for company information, powered by research-based AI. This facilitates deep insights about private companies and ends data entry from PDFs. Connect with them on Twitter (@scribelabsai) or LinkedIn.


Inveztor™ is transforming DCM infrastructure by connecting the network of market participants, digitizing and streamlining processes while enhancing the operational functionality. This UK-based startup is revolutionising the way issuers create and manage securities, offering them a real-time, open, and transparent environment. Follow them on Twitter (@InveztorLtd) or LinkedIn.

Network B

Network B offers banking and card-linked solutions. They specialize in an API platform for banking solutions, addressing customer inquiries through phone, email, and online applications. Connect with them on LinkedIn.


Xace, established by David Hodkinson, is a banking and finance services company that delivers robust financial solutions to its clients. The company’s pertinent details can be found by visiting their LinkedIn page.

In conclusion, these startups represent the dynamism of the banking industry in London, redefining traditional finance with groundbreaking ideas and technologies. Despite being relatively new, they have shown immense promise and are set to make a significant impact in their respective markets.

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