Revolutionizing Canadian Scene: Pioneering Chemical Startups in Maple Leaf Nation

January 4, 2024

Amid the quiet rumble of Canada’s burgeoning startup scene, a unique trend has started to emerge. Startups in the chemical industry, a domain often dominated by established corporates, have been steadily proliferating since 2020, charting new territories for innovation. These companies, employing technology, research, and a considerable commitment to sustainability, are reshaping a central child of human progress – Chemistry. Today, we’re showcasing some of Canada’s freshest chemical startups, their breakthroughs, ideas, and how they’re reinventing and redefining this crucial industry.

Canada’s chemical industry has long been a significant contributor to the country’s economy, playing an essential role in sectors like manufacturing, environmental sustainability, health care, and more. This industry has gained even more traction in the past year because of the COVID-19 crisis and its focus on creating solutions to enhance environmental sustainability, fight disease, and transform manufacturing processes. Let’s look at some of these different companies that started in 2020 or later in Canada.

Selecting startups from all across this vast country – from Vancouver to Ontario – this line-up perfectly captures the resilient spirit of Canada’s entrepreneurship, their collective consciousness towards sustainability, and the relentless pursuit of disrupting established norms. So, let’s delve right in and meet these startups shaping Canada’s chemical industry.


Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Cellulotech operates in the intersection between advanced materials, chemicals, nanotechnology, packaging services, paper manufacturing, and sustainability. The company has a tremendous focus on R&D around cellulose, managing a patent portfolio. Their unique process chromatogeny offers barriers to water, oil, grease, vapour, and oxygen to any cellulose-based material while preserving all the recyclability, compostability, and biodegradability properties. The process opens a world of new sustainable possibilities for industries such as packaging healthcare, fashion, or construction. Here’s their LinkedIn profile.

Allos Bioscience

Allos Bioscience, stationed out of Lethbridge, Alberta is integrally woven into the domains of biotechnology, chemical, life science, and medical spheres. More about their activities can be found here.

CleanSmart Canada

CleanSmart Canada, located in Oshawa, Ontario, is a chemical, manufacturing, and wellness industry startup. Check out their Facebook and
LinkedIn for more.

Alfapur Technologies

Alfapur Technologies, based in Delson, Quebec, is an environmental technology startup with a clear mission to provide filtration, separation, and purification of liquids and gases through innovative inorganic materials. Connect with them on Facebook or LinkedIn.


Kingston, Ontario-based KPM-Accelerate supports chem-tech start-ups helping accelerate their development on the road to commercialization. To learn more about their work, visit their
LinkedIn Profile.

HTuO Biosciences

Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, HTuO Biosciences operates at the intersection of biotechnology, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries. Discover more about their work on LinkedIn.


Located in Calgary, Alberta, NeoLithica’s mission revolves around advancing its Alberta lithium projects using advanced DLE technology.

Blue Zone Technologies Sustainable Anesthesia Recovery

Blue Zone Technologies in Concord, Ontario, offers propriety waste anesthetic gas recovery systems to eliminate potent greenhouse gas before it reaches the environment. They also provide a suite of anesthesia products. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Anodyne Chemistries

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Anodyne Chemistries envisions creating critical chemicals sustainably. Their breakthrough technology transforms CO2 into strategic chemicals, materials, and fuels. Here’s their
LinkedIn profile where you can explore more.

Chemsyn Services Inc.

Chemsyn Services Inc., located in Concord, Ontario, is a leading provider of sanitation, disinfection, and cleaning solutions servicing the Healthcare, Hospitality, Manufacturing and Retail industries. Find out more about the company on

In conclusion, with an array of forward-thinking startups emerging in just a year, the future of Canada’s chemical industry remains bright. The drawn line-up is not just representative of the industry’s dynamism but also demonstrates the inclusive growth spanning across entire Canada, from coast to coast.

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