Revving Innovations: Spotlight on London, Canada’s Automotive Startups

January 3, 2024

In recent years, Canada continues to thrive in startups and the automotive industry is not an exception. Based in London, these startups incorporate a variety of technological advances, such as artificial intelligence and supply chain management. Inception in 2020 or later, they are already making strides in their respective areas and positioning themselves as leaders in the automotive industry. Let’s delve into these budding businesses and see what they are about.

Founded by Anam Rahman and Sumit Sinha, operates in the Automotive, Fashion, Software, and Supply Chain Management industry. As an FMS system, Kavida aids procurement teams to ensure timely inbound deliveries and detect risks earlier. Follow them on LinkedIn.

Riviera Circle

Riviera Circle, created by James Kenyon and Kemal Cenan, is a unique app that connects owners of supercars, performance, and classic cars with global luxury brands. Users gain access to relevant news, lifestyle content, and other exclusive information. Connect with them on Facebook or LinkedIn.


Lendwheel operates in the Automotive, Car Sharing, Fleet Management, Rental, and Transportation industry. The platform links car owners with potential renters, providing safe and convenient car subscriptions. Don’t miss their updates on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.


iPRODUCE supports the Automotive, Electronics, Manufacturing, and Social industry by providing a digital space that encourages co-creation ventures. The platform hosts a variety of creative tools for user-friendly interface. Connect with them on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Total Vehicle Checker

Total Vehicle Checker offers services in the Automotive, Legal, and Transportation industry. Check them out on Facebook or LinkedIn., founded by Jinal Shah and Mark Weston, is the perfect companion to a CISO, aggregating all cyber-related data points, and providing peace of mind in the areas of internal governance and external reporting. Follow them on LinkedIn.

Grayscale AI

Grayscale AI, founded by Dragos Stanciu, provides next-generation computer vision and neuromorphic AI to increase efficiency, lower costs, and improve sustainability. Check them out on LinkedIn.


Founded by James Hennessey, the Hypermile operates in the Artificial Intelligence, Automotive, and Logistics, Machine Learning industries. Follow their developments on LinkedIn.

Titan Academy

Founded by Max Teichert and Sam Marsden, Titan Academy provides services in the Automotive, Education, Gaming, and Simulation industry. Check them out on LinkedIn.

Pre Purchase Inspection

Pre Purchase Inspection provides inspection services on used vehicles, offering a mobile service within a 60-mile radius of London. Stay connected on Facebook or their Twitter.


Zest is a London-based EV charging company. They are democratizing EV adoption in the UK by quickly filling gaps in the maturing public charging infrastructure. Stay connected on LinkedIn.

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