Revving Up: Innovative Toronto-Based Automotive Startups Transforming Canada’s Industry

January 4, 2024


The vibrant automotive market in Toronto, Canada, has experienced a surge of groundbreaking startups, particularly since 2020. These trailblazing enterprises are revolutionizing the automotive industry, from big data analytics and software development to automotive e-commerce and electric vehicle technologies. In this article, we shine a spotlight on several of these startups, providing a glimpse into their innovative solutions and contributions to the auto industry.

Founded by a group of ambitious entrepreneurs, each with a unique vision and mission, these startups are transforming the car ownership and purchase experience, creating more efficient, sustainable, and user-friendly processes. From utilizing advanced analytics to optimizing the car rental and subscription process, these startups are offering strategic solutions that cater to modern automotive industry needs and consumer expectations.

Without further ado, let’s delve into the innovative world of Toronto’s automotive industry, exploring each startup’s unique journey, mission, industry contribution, and future aspirations.

NowVertical Group

Founded by Daren Trousdell, NowVertical Group is a big data, analytics, and Vertical Intelligence (VI) software and services company.

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Founded by Giovanni Smith, Kendell Johnson, and Preston Martelly, Subskryb offers a revolutionary subscription-based “car-as-a-service” platform that supports car-sharing through easy access and online membership

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adasThink is another cutting-edge startup located in Toronto, but unfortunately, there no description provided for this company.

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Core Dealer Services

Core Dealer Services, led by seasoned automotive industry professionals, leverages dealer management system data and other sources to discover truly qualified buyers.

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Panda Hub

Founded by Abdullah Sharief and Mark Ahee in 2020, Panda Hub is a service-tech mobile detailing company that offers eco-friendly detailing services powered by Lamborghini.

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CarDoor, founded by Matthew McKenzie, revolutionizes the way people buy cars by offering an entirely online customer experience.

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GrynCar is an online platform that simplifies the buying and selling process of used cars, contributing to a culture of sustainability in the European and Latin American automotive markets.

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EV Technology

EV Technology is on a mission to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles by electrifying iconic driving experiences.

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Founded by Shaq Rahman and Shirjeel Arshad, AutoCoin is a trailblazing used car marketplace using blockchain technology.

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Founded by Joel Li, aims to hasten the transition to zero-emission mobility through its next-generation Electric Vehicle (EV) marketplace.

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