Rising Canadian Construction Startups Making Strides in Alberta, Canada

January 5, 2024

Alberta is on the frontlines of innovation in the thriving construction industry, with a host of startups established in 2020 or thereafter, leading the way. These startups are not only making great strides in their local domain, but they are also making their mark globally with their innovative solutions that offer improved processes, sustainability, and technology integration. Here, we highlight some of Alberta’s recent startups in the construction industry that are making major headway.

In addition to promoting innovation, these new companies also reflect the changing landscape of the construction industry. They meet the evolving customer demand for modern, sustainable solutions that are efficient and safe. These startups also demonstrate the entrepreneurial spirit of Alberta’s business landscape, serving as key drivers for economic growth in a post-pandemic world. Let’s dive in to explore these trailblazing startups.


ZS2 Technologies

Located in Calgary, ZS2 Technologies is making waves in the construction sector. This startup creates and produces its own line of advanced building materials, including prefabricated structural panels and low-carbon, non-toxic, fire-rated cementitious materials. It’s no surprise that this young company is already making a splash in the industry. Facebook, LinkedIn.


Edmonton-based Collegium is revolutionizing the building ecosystem. Its fully integrated technology and process delivery model aims to substantially reduce the cost of creating buildings. Offering large improvements in return on investment and total cost of ownership, Collegium’s approach aligns stakeholders’ interests, directly confronting the wasteful and anti-collaborative aspects of the construction ecosystem. LinkedIn.

Global Machinery Auctions

Founded in 2020, Edmonton’s Global Machinery Auctions is the answer for business owners in need of marketing and auction sales solutions for heavy equipment. Catering to realms of construction, agriculture, oilfield equipment, and trucking, this startup has fast become a go-to for both pre-owned equipment and new parts. Facebook, LinkedIn.

Cantiro Group

Edmonton’s Cantiro Group is part of the residential sector of the construction industry. This startup offers clients the opportunity to customize every finish of their homes, reflecting their unique lifestyle. They provide investment opportunities and design residential rental projects. LinkedIn.

Garden Loft

Based in Calgary, Garden Loft is leading the way in prefabricated living units. These units are designed to ensure that those with differing abilities, including aging parents, can live independently. The units are equipped with physical and digital support systems for optimal safety and independence. Facebook.

Helical Pile Solutions

Situated in Sherwood Park, Helical Pile Solutions is part of the civil engineering and construction industry. It specializes in manufacturing industry-leading helical piles. LinkedIn.

Mercator AI

Located in Calgary, Mercator AI is at the intersection of artificial intelligence, big data, and the construction industry. By mining and analyzing millions of data points across a project’s lifecycle, they provide key insights for business developers to make informed decisions quickly and confidently. LinkedIn.

Penteco Environmental Solutions

Edmonton-based Penteco specializes in the sales and distribution of geosynthetics. This environmental company is focused on supporting the sustainable construction industry. LinkedIn.

Wade Consulting

Wade Consulting is another promising startup based in Edmonton. This company offers consulting services in the civil engineering and construction industry, helping clients to navigate complex projects and challenges. LinkedIn.

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