Rising Consulting Startups from Cambridge: Uncovering Canada’s Innovative Ventures

January 4, 2024

In recent years, many startups have emerged in the Consulting industry from Cambridge. Startups founded in 2020 or later have been under scrutiny to see how they react and perform. The following is a list of the most promising ones, with their details and official links.

These startups build their existence on offering hands-on services to businesses by providing seasoned insight, innovative methodologies, and fresh perspectives. Regardless of whether they are operating in management consulting, financial services, software, training, biotechnology, or personal development, these startups have demonstrated their potential and potential in the constantly evolving business market.

This list showcases some of the dynamic startups from the Consulting Industry, which illustrates the hard work, innovation, and dedication of entrepreneurs behind the scenes. The provided brief company descriptions and redirection to their official pages give a clear narrative of what these startups are about, their foundation, and the essence of their work.

Rapid Commercialization Partners

Rapid Commercialization Partners is a highly specialized firm founded by unknown ambitious founders. Their operation is rooted in business development and consulting. The main aim is to significantly speed up the commercialisation timeline for companies operating in clinical-stage biotech. Various social media links provide more broad-ranging insight into the company’s culture. For more information, feel free to join their Facebook Community or follow their LinkedIn Page.

Indigo Talent Development

Indigo Talent Development is led by Hilary McLellan, a company that offers professional services in corporate training, management consulting, personal development. Find more about them and engage in the exciting discussions on their Facebook Page or give them a follow on LinkedIn.

Center for Entrepreneurial Thinking

This Cambridge agency operates in consulting, product management, training etc. It deploys strategic consulting methodologies, publishes insightful thought leadership, and offers tools for development and training. Find out more on their LinkedIn Page.


Disruptrs.io are unique individuals with specific sets of expertise in consulting and financial services. They are recognized by their innovative and disruptive ways of doing business. Check out more about them by following their LinkedIn page.


Arcalect is an Artificial Intelligence and Management Consulting company founded by Jason Mackey. Stay updated by following them on Facebook or LinkedIn.


MEDDICC, founded by Andy Whyte, is a platform for organizations wanting to execute the MEDDICC framework for delivering efficient and forecastable revenue. Connect them on their social media platforms Facebook and LinkedIn.

The Secops Group

The Secops Group, founded by Sumit Siddharth, is a cybersecurity consulting company offering test and measurement services. Connect with them on their LinkedIn Page.

Only Orphans Cote

Only Orphans Cote, founded by Timothy R. Cote, is a regulation health consulting company providing medications for various diseases. For more information, join their LinkedIn community.

StarBio International

StarBio International, founded by Kevin Moulder, are experts in pre- and post-investment biotech. Follow their activities on LinkedIn.

GrowthCraft Startup Community

GrowthCraft Startup Community is a network of professional advisors and consultants that guide entrepreneurs’ developmental stages. Stay updated with their activities on their LinkedIn page.

Weekend Labs

Weekend Labs, a consulting and web design startup, offers management consulting services. Keep up to date with their updates on their LinkedIn page.

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