Showcasing Delhi-Based Canadian Analytics Startups: Innovations in Data Analysis

January 6, 2024

Canada has long been recognized as a hub for technology innovation and entrepreneurship, giving birth to a vibrant start-up ecosystem. This dynamic landscape is also true for analytics industry startups, with several significant new market entrants since 2020. A noticeable trend is the increasing number of these Canadian startups with their headquarters located in India, particularly in Delhi. This intriguing mix of Canadian start-ups with roots in Delhi proves the unlimited boundaries of global entrepreneurship.

The following startups are creating waves in their respective sectors, employing analytics to transform several industries, from marketing to market research. These startups are modeling an innovative, forward-thinking approach, pushing the boundaries of what is possible with data, and ultimately building a smarter future.

Let’s delve into these revolutionary startups, operating across continents, that are leveraging analytics to revolutionize their respective industries.


Easyinsights, based in New Delhi, land their expertise in the analytics, business intelligence, information technology, and marketing automation industry. They are engineering efficient technology solutions to drive business innovations. Connect with Easyinsights via their social media channels – @easy_insights on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Krimans Research

Krimans Research provides assistance with research solutions, supports innovation, and administers procedures for the statistical market research industry. They offer web-based study programming and facilitation, including respondent panels like B2B, customers, social insurance experts, IT, and adolescents. Connect with Krimans Research on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Delhi-based FutureAnalytica is making strides in the analytics, data integration, and information technology industry. They can be found on @AnalyticaFuture on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Biz-Tech Analytics

Biz-Tech Analytics, located in New Delhi, operates in the analytics, artificial intelligence, information technology, and machine learning industry. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

Investors DataHub

Part of ​​Reach Glocal Research & Consultants, Investors DataHub offers People-as-a-Service (PaaS). The Delhi-based startup is expanding its reach in the analytics, big data, content discovery, database, email marketing, internet, lead generation, market research, and software industry. Their database consists of 30,000+ investors contacts across the globe. Connect with them on LinkedIn.


Co-founded by Divyanshu Sharma, Kamlesh Sharma, and Ujjwal Parwal, RationalStat is a market research firm that promises actionable market insights to help businesses fuel their growth strategy. The New Delhi-based company offers comprehensive market research reports, macroeconomic research, and industry trackers across a range of industries. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

These startups located in Delhi are powering innovation in the analytics industry and beyond, enhancing business decision-making processes, and remodeling the industry standards using increasingly sophisticated data modeling technologies. Despite the challenges that came with 2020, these startups have managed to swiftly adapt, leaning into the opportunities provided by the increased digitalization of our world. Expanding on Canadian grounds, these startups are well-positioned to significantly contribute to the vibrant Canadian technological ecosystem.

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