Showcasing Delhi-Based Canadian Art Startups: Innovations in Creative Industry

January 3, 2024

Despite the listing of the industry as ‘Art’, none of the startups covered in this article operate in the traditional ‘Art’ industry. Instead, Art, in this context, has been extended to include technology, automation, and innovation, which are all forms of modern artistry. We are now witnessing the rise of startups with a new trait of digital craftsmanship, many of which were established in 2020 or later with headquarters in Delhi, India. This article concludes a list of such startups.

From agriculture technology to artificial intelligence, information technology, and even photography, these Delhi-based startups are pushing the boundaries and challenging conventional norms. Whether they are helping the farm-to-fork journey of fresh produce or automating photo selection for photographers, these companies are using technology to transform the world in their unique ways.

While some of the startups are leveraging machine learning and AI in education, others are using it for damage assessment, emotion tracking, data labeling, and much more. Let’s dive deeper into the beautiful world of technology and see these companies for what they are – artists painting our future with their innovative designs.


Established by Varun Khurana, Otipy, a farm-to-fork agri-tech startup, is working to connect farmers and customers directly, cutting out the middleman. With a solid foundation in AgTech, Artificial Intelligence, E-Commerce, Food and Beverage, Otipy seeks to use AI-based demand prediction tools to provide fresh produce directly from the farm with on-demand harvesting.


Co-founded by Lark Aakarshan and Shivam Sood, SeeVC uses artificial intelligence in education to track emotions and students online to provide offline-like engagement in an online environment.


Sameer Agarwal founded Manufapp, an enterprise specializing in Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, ERP, Industrial, Manufacturing, and Software. Whereas detailed description about their operations is currently unavailable, further insight can be gained through their official Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Mindkosh AI

Working in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Software and Web Apps, MindKosh AI is building the next generation of AI powered Annotation tools and services. The firm seeks to bring transparency in the data labeling process and use AI to make high quality data labeling at scale affordable. More about MindKosh AI can be found on its Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Sigroo Technologies Private Limited

Specializing in Artificial Intelligence and Software development, Sigroo Technologies Private Limited is molding unique digital products for intricate business ideas across various sectors. The company’s Facebook and LinkedIn pages provide more details about their operations and latest updates.

FilterPixel Private Limited

With a focus on Artificial Intelligence, Photography, and Software, FilterPixel Private Limited, founded by Aayush Arora and Pratyush Goel, is creating software that automates the photo selection process, significantly reducing the photographer’s culling time. For more details, visit their Facebook Group and LinkedIn page.


Founded by Akshay Kakkar, aims to leverage Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Robotic Process Automation to offer digital on-boarding and digital transformation solutions for financial institutions. For more details, visit their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

AiBorne Tech

AiBorne Tech are creating innovative AI & AR empowered inspections platforms with their products, TrueInspect and AssistXR. With a focus on diverse industries such as insurance, automotive, solar, and more, they have successfully deployed their platforms with several enterprise clients. For more information, visit their LinkedIn page.


Extuent’s operations span across Artificial Intelligence, Data Center Automation, Internet, IT Management, and Machine Learning. For more details about their operations, visit their LinkedIn page.

Biz-Tech Analytics

Specializing in Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology, and Machine Learning, Biz-Tech Analytics is another startup reshaping the digital landscape. For more information, visit their LinkedIn page.


Xequence, a next-generation AI-driven virtual assistant platform, is aimed at giving travelers and travel operators a smooth, quick, safe, and economical travel experience. Know more about their innovative plans from their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

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