Showcasing London-Based B2B Industry Startups Flourishing Across Canada

January 2, 2024

As a popular center for innovation, London is home to numerous startups. The landscape of the business world is rapidly changing, and many startups are leading the way. Today, we examine some of these new enterprises, focusing exclusively on B2B startups established in 2020 and beyond, based in London, England. These startups are delivering critical business solutions addressing a diverse range of concerns such as Human Resources, Business Travel, Financial Services, Data Security and more. Here are ten exciting startups that are making waves in their respective industries:


Humaans is a B2B startup that provides HRIS employee management software specifically designed for remote and distributed teams. Founders Giovanni Luperti and Karolis Narkevicius have developed a solution that enables organisations to maintain a central hub for employee data, streamlining a variety of ‘people ops’ processes. The ultimate goal of Humaans is to automate the entire employment lifecycle, thus simplifying otherwise complex manual procedures.


NextRetreat, founded by Martin Studencan, is a startup that is streamlining the processes of organising team travel by offering a comprehensive platform for easy research, booking, and logistical planning. With its human-centred approach, NextRetreat simplifies the process and offers expert customer support. Navigate to their website to learn more about their innovative team travel solutions.


Founders Sam Damoussi and Tom Powell have created Bondaval, a startups which offers B2B credit security to replace traditional collateral-based instruments and trade credit insurance. Bondaval provides a more secure, capital-efficient, and cost-effective form of secured credit that operates in real time. Visit their website to find out how you can better manage your business credit.


Security startup Soveren was founded by Andrew Zhulin, Dima Zhulin, and Peter Fedchenkov. Soveren offers a comprehensive approach to data security, including automated data discovery, classification, and continuous policy enforcement. Their proprietary technology scans Kubernetes clusters in real-time to autopilot critical data protection tasks, thus reducing the probability of data breaches and fines.

CM Ventures

CM Ventures, a venture capital firm, established by Nikolay Dyachkov and Vagan Khranyan, provides investment in B2B and B2C markets. Operating from London, United Kingdom, CM Ventures‘s goal is to back promising startups and companies in financial services and fintech sectors.


SalesDRIIVN is a London-based startup operating in the business intelligence and market research industry. Its comprehensive platform enables businesses to understand and reach their potential customers more effectively. Explore the expansive services SalesDRIIVN offers by visiting their website.

Booked It

Booked It is an online bookings management software designed to offer innovative technology and creative marketing solutions for the leisure, hospitality, and entertainment industry. Visit Booked It to learn more about their revolutionary booking solutions.


Founded by Charles Osborne, Osinto leverages machine learning, analytics and artificial intelligence technologies to offer a wide range of business solutions. Including lead generation and market research. You can learn more about Osinto‘s versatile business solutions on their website.


ProsperUs offers digital asset technologies that help partners solve complex value transfer problems. These assets range from currencies, loyalty points to real estate. Visit ProsperUs to learn how their platform can assist you with secure and seamless asset exchanges.


EcardForest, a startup founded by Dayana Doncheva, offers an amazing selection of handmade group ecards for various occasions that can be signed no matter the distance, promoting environmentally conscious communication. You can view these handmade ecards at the EcardForest.


SenseCheck is a platform created for small business owners by small business owners. The idea is to offer a space for unbiased second opinions on marketing strategies and business development plans, allowing businesses to avoid costly mistakes and enhance their marketing performance. For more information, visit SenseCheck’s LinkedIn page.

In conclusion, London’s startup scene is vibrant and forward-looking. These startups—each with its unique approach to meeting B2B needs—demonstrate the spirit of innovation that continues to drive growth in multiple industry sectors. As they evolve and grow, these startups likely will continue to shape the face of the business-to-business marketplace in intriguing ways.

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