Showcasing London-Based Canadian Commercial Startups: A New Wave Emerges

January 3, 2024

Despite the challenging economic landscape, London continues to be a hotbed of new startups, particularly in the Commercial sector. Since 2020, a wealth of new companies have emerged, breaking down barriers, pushing boundaries, and reimagining the Commercial industry. This article highlights the trailblazing commercial startups that have sprung up in London in recent years.

These companies are ingenious, creative, and they are changing the way we perceive the commercial sector, and in some instances, changing the sector itself. From Realty to Property Insurance and Coworking spaces, these firms are providing fresh and intriguing perspectives on traditional industries.

Whether they’re developing innovative solutions to common problems or creating entirely new ways of doing business, these startups are worth watching. Each company featured here was established in 2020 or later, demonstrating the resilience and tenacity of London’s thriving startup ecosystem.


FlowSpace has created a network of flexible, creatively-inspired workspaces catering to hybrid and remote teams. Harry Wilson, Hayri Demirçapa, and Ieva Dvilinskiene co-founded the company, inspiring high-quality work environments. Customers can avail of their services on demand or through customized subscriptions. Interested individuals can access more about them through their social media pages on Twitter and Instagram.


Incube, founded by Rishi Chowdhury, aims to assist commercial realtors in providing sustainable, healthy, and productive spaces for tenants. This is achieved by using CubeOS – a preemptive building optimization platform that adapts infrastructure to changing space utilization before it hits unhealthy or unsustainable levels.


Riz Malik founded Realfin with the drive to amalgamate expert real estate analysts, data acquisition technology, and cutting-edge data science. The company assists in making evidence-backed decisions by offering rigorous information about the global real estate markets and infrastructures.

Africa Specialty Risks

With Bryan Howett at the helm, Africa Specialty Risks concentrates on offering a vast array of insurances like energy, trade credit, real-time risk assessment, property, political violence and terrorism, liability, pricing adequacy, and many more. Their potent focus is on environmental, social, and governance considerations.

Income Analytics

Income Analytics, founded by Matt Richardson, is a London-based analytics startup focusing on commercial real estate.

Rounded Triangle

The London-based real estate startup, Rounded Triangle, operates in commercial real estate, real estate, and residential sectors. It was founded by Mirko D’Arpino.


Homevo brings an innovative solution in the commercial real estate and real estate sectors, primarily focusing on property management.

KR Relocations Group

Founded by Rajpaul Dhillon, KR Relocations Group works with numerous businesses across various sectors to provide them lodging facilities. They provide a convenient hotel alternative by offering accommodations near worksites for both short-term and long-term needs.


Bureau is a London-based startup in the commercial and real estate industry that helps customers find the right business homes, ranging from coworking spaces to entire buildings. They provide sound and impartial advice and guide their clients through the entire office sourcing process.


VINVST operates within the commercial real estate, IT, marketplace, property management, and real estate investment sectors. Companies and individuals looking to invest can directly contact them for services and support.

Patha Capital

Patha Capital is a London-based startup specializing in commercial real estate and real estate investment. The company provides a wide range of wealth management and real estate investment services.

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