Showcasing Ottawa’s Stellar Software Startups: Rising Tech Stars of Canada

January 18, 2024

Canada’s vibrant startup scene is a testament to the country’s conducive environment for innovation and technological advancements. With Ottawa as one of the key hubs for technology innovations, numerous startups have sprung up, each providing solutions that are transforming industries across the board. This article focuses on Ottawa-based software startups founded from 2020 onwards. These trailblazers have developed novel solutions in response to real-world challenges across diverse sectors including restaurant reservations, asset management, artificial intelligence, rental property, cybersecurity, blockchain, dating, human resources, developer tools, identity management, healthcare, and more.

Despite the uncertainties brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, the determination of these founders to implement innovative and disruptive solutions has remained unhampered. In fact, the unprecedented challenges of the current landscape have served to highlight the importance and need for software-based solutions. Ottawa’s budding software startups are shaping the technological landscape, in Canada, and beyond.

Join us as we delve into an exploration of some of Ottawa’s leading software startups. While diverse in their target industries, they all share an unwavering commitment to innovation, reshaping how we conduct business and live our lives using technology. Blocks of code and lines of software have been expertly crafted to deliver impressive results within their respective sectors.


Founded by Andrej Sakic, Frazer Nagy, Jerome St-Hilaire, and Stef Scrivens, Tablz is disrupting the restaurant reservations industry by allowing diners to select and upgrade to the table of their choice. By doing so, the startup is reinventing the future of dining. For more about their work, check their Linkedin and Facebook pages.


Velavu offers a tailor-made asset management ecosystem designed to help clients manage their assets, inventory, and processes more effectively. Their easy-to-use products, including tags for vehicles and pieces of equipment, integrate seamlessly. Learn more about velavu on their LinkedIn page or follow their updates on Twitter.


NovaceneAI utilizes artificial intelligence to transform unstructured data into advanced insights, driving meaningful changes in the tech industry and beyond. Find out more about the company on their Linkedin page.


RapidRent is deploying technology to transform the real estate industry. Discover more about their work by visiting the company’s Linkedin page.


As a cybersecurity startup, VirtualDoers helps secure the digital space. Check out their Linkedin and Facebook pages to learn more about them.


Founded by Arta Koroushnia and Kazi Hossain, Thred is pioneering the utilization of blockchain technology to mint and own Smart Utils for NFT Collections. This revolutionary process allows for safe, verified on-chain utilities. Check out their Linkedin page and follow them on Twitter .

Khadijah Elite

Khadijah Elite , co-founded by John Ducharme and Rashid Nasim, offers a woman-centric, global Muslim dating platform that aligns with Islamic faith values. Their innovative platform enables safe and dignified communication with potential life partners. Learn more about their work on their Linkedin page.


CykoMetrix offers a data-driven platform for consultants and HR professionals who need a dynamic system for delivering tests, surveys, and questionnaires with robust reporting capabilities. Check their Linkedin and Twitter for more about them.


Founded by Harry Brundage and Mohammad (Mo) Hashemi, Gadget aims to improve how developers build apps by handling busywork and boilerplate, allowing developers to focus on the business logic. Find out more about them on Linkedin , Facebook , or Twitter . turns students and faculty into lifelong customers using cutting-edge authentication technologies to instantly verify academic status. Visit their Linkedin page or follow them on Twitter for more information.

Doc Clik

Founded by Andrew Moubarak, Mark Moubarak, and Romeo Antoun, Doc Clik is changing healthcare accessibility with its 24/7 on-demand telehealth service. It enables patients to manage their health needs on one platform and instantly book appointments online. Check out their Linkedin and Facebook for more about their work.

In a nutshell, these startups are among those pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in their respective industries. With an unwavering commitment to innovation and disruption, they’re successfully positioning Ottawa in the global startup scene, and we’re eager to see what transformations they’ll continue to drive in the future.

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