Software Innovations: Spotlight on Victoria, BC’s Newly Launched Canadian Startups

January 23, 2024

Established in 2020 or later, Victoria B.C.-based software startups are making their mark in various industries, from Artificial Intelligence to Healthcare. Heading into this new decade, these promising ventures demonstrate remarkable innovation and potential to take the tech industry by storm. With passionate founders and cutting-edge technology, these startups are not just dreaming big, they’re turning those dreams into tangible, groundbreaking software solutions across various industries. In this article we highlight these companies:


LetHub, a startup co-founded by Faizan Ali Khan, is revolutionizing the leasing and real estate market through its innovative use of artificial intelligence. To connect with LetHub, visit their LinkedIn or follow them on Twitter.


Buyer is a negotiation-as-a-service platform that claims to save its clients on big-ticket purchases, such as annual software contracts. To learn more about their services, visit their LinkedIn page.


The founders of Atreides, Jeff Spencer, and Lee W. are leveraging IT and intelligent systems to create more efficient software solutions. Check out their LinkedIn or follow them on Twitter for updates.


Aki Tomita and Harsh Rathod with their team at Niricson have developed a proprietary damage assessment software platform paired with a patent-pending drone-based data collection technology. Here is their LinkedIn page for more information.


Care2Talk, founded by Jordan Schley, is a video technology platform that provides an easy and secure product for older adults in Memory Care, SNF, AL, IL to connect their loved ones & provider groups. To connect with Care2Talk, visit their Facebook, LinkedIn, or follow them on Twitter.

Total Support Solutions – Managed Antivirus Services in Canada

Total Support Solutions offers some of the highest quality antivirus services available for computer networks today. You can learn more about their services on their Facebook and LinkedIn page.

Cat’s Eye

Ahmad Mahooti, Golzad Fadaei, Hamid Ghadimi, and Yasaman Majidifard founded Cat’s Eye, an AI-based company that alerts school staff members in case of bullying. They are passionate about ensuring the physical and mental safety of children at schools. Check out their LinkedIn for more information.


Last on our list is Frontly, a no-code internal admin tooling platform that empowers businesses to build custom applications. The company, founded by Patrick Kelly, aims to solve businesses’ challenges without writing a line of code. Here is their LinkedIn page for more information.

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