Spotlight on Alberta: Innovative Canadian CleanTech Startups To Watch

January 5, 2024

Alberta, a region well known for its luscious landscapes and bustling cities, has without a doubt, become a hotspot for startups in recent years, and this growth has been especially prominent within the CleanTech sector. With an increasing global consciousness towards sustaining our environment, this province’s focus on eco-innovation has boldly stepped into the spotlight. From companies working on reducing waste heat and carbon footprint to developing advanced tech solutions for clean building, let’s take a look at some of the pioneering startups in the clean technology space, all founded in 2020 or later, and all making a significant impact in their field.

Kathairos Solutions

Based in Calgary, Alberta, Kathairos Solutions is a cleantech company that aims to combat the unprecedented challenge of a warming planet. They also venture into environmental consulting and oil and gas industries, contributing to a more sustainable world. [Follow them on Twitter here]( and [see their LinkedIn page for more details](


Another Calgary-based company, MopSpot, offers hassle-free, professional cleaning services to homeowners and short-term rental operators in Calgary, Canmore, and Invermere. They are dedicated to providing a cleaner and more sustainable living environment for their clients. You can [follow them on Facebook here](

Farmer’s Legacy Biotech

With its headquarters in Edmonton, Alberta, Farmer’s Legacy Biotech lies at the intersection of AgTech and CleanTech. This startup is innovating in the Food and Beverage industry.

Kanin Energy

Established by Daniel Fipke, Jake Bainbridge, Janice Tran, and Rod Fitzsimmons Frey, Kanin Energy is a vivid example of Alberta’s commitment to sustainability. The company develops projects for heavy industry to help them monetize their waste heat and decarbonize their operations. [Follow the visionary team behind this cleantech startup on Twitter here](, [Facebook here]( and [LinkedIn here](


Based out of Calgary, Entropy is a startup primarily focused on commercializing energy‐transition technologies. They represent Alberta’s dedication to paving the path for clean energy practices. [Connect with them on LinkedIn for further updates](

More than Protein

More Than Protein, located in Bowden, Alberta, is a pioneer in the CleanTech, Food and Beverage, and other sustainable industries. Founded by Kanagaraj C Selvraj (RAJ), the company aims to tap into the fast evolving plant-based pure ingredients market. [Visit their LinkedIn page for more](

AI Shading

Founded by Zack Zhang, AI Shading develops Ai & IoT-enabled technologies to reduce the environmental footprint from homes and buildings. Operating from Calgary, they’re making significant strides in the realm of CleanTech, Green Building, and more. You can [follow their progress on LinkedIn](

Carbon Zero Finance

Jai Kumar Joon, the founder of Carbon Zero Finance, has a vision of a world where people do not struggle to breathe fresh air. Based in Calgary, this startup uses Blockchain, IIoT, AI and carbon capture technology to monitor and control air quality. [Follow them on Twitter]( and [LinkedIn]( for more.

These startups, all hailing from Alberta, Canada, are taking giant strides in the field of CleanTech. Each company, with their innovative approaches to sustainability and clean technologies, are crucial contributors to the essential, ever-evolving industry of clean technology.

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