Spotlight on Alberta’s Rising Stars in Canadian AgTech Innovation

January 6, 2024

Despite the challenges of a tumultuous year, in 2020, a new batch of remarkable Agriculture Technology (AgTech) startups sprouted in the fertile grounds of Alberta, Canada. These innovative startups are driving change in traditional agriculture practices, promoting sustainability, and creating value-added products. From Okotoks to Calgary to Edmonton, these startups are growing more than just crops—they are cultivating fresh ideas, technologies, and futures for the entire agriculture industry. In this article, we will highlight companies that were incepted in 2020 or later and are revolutionizing the face of AgTech.

Stepping away from conventional farming practices, these startups are embedded with cutting-edge technology paving the way for efficiency, sustainability, and profitability. From regenerative agriculture practices to the leading-edge of biotech and hydroponics, Alberta’s AgTech startups stand as shining exemplars of innovation, resilience, and entrepreneurial audacity.

The following is a selection of Alberta’s most exciting recent AgTech startups that are each in its unique way, contributing to the growth and development of Canadian agriculture while taking it a notch further towards the future.

Replenish Nutrients

Located in Okotoks, Alberta, Replenish Nutrients operate at the intersection of agriculture, AgTech, farming, and manufacturing. They are passionately committed to uprooting traditional mindsets in farming and pioneering regenerative agricultural practices. Their mission is to help growers maximize their success with fewer inputs.

Farmer’s Legacy Biotech

Edmonton-based startup Farmer’s Legacy Biotech operates in the AgTech, CleanTech, and Food and Beverage industries. The details of their innovative contribution to the AgTech industry have yet to be announced.

My Fungi

Founded by Dave Auger, My Fungi, is located in Calgary, Alberta, and operates in the agriculture, AgTech, farming, food and beverage, and manufacturing sectors. Comprehensive information about their operations and products is yet to be revealed.

DeepBlue Greens

Based in Edmonton, Alberta, DeepBlue Greens is developing innovative aeroponic, hydroponic, and greenhouse products for urban indoor farming. Their Voltaponics™ is a ground-breaking plant nutrient delivery system that enhances crop yield while reducing resource use.


Involved in the agriculture and AgTech fields, Mycorize is a Calgary based company, founded by Andrew Poulton, Dustin Poole, and Rob Swiderski. They are yet to disclose the specifics of their company’s innovation and contribution to the industry.


HEMPALTA, located in Calgary, is an agricultural technology company that specializes in innovative hemp processing and product creation. Using a proprietary HempTrain Advanced Processing Plant, their products are sustainably made from industrial hemp grown in Southern Alberta.

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