Spotlight on Calgary’s Fin-Tech Startups Transforming Canada’s Financial Landscape

January 23, 2024

When it comes to fresh financial ideas and innovation, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, is making its presence known within the global startup scene. This dynamic city is home to a number of groundbreaking startups, particularly in the finance industry. From fintech to artificial intelligence, these companies which were founded in 2020 or later are pushing the boundaries to bring unique solutions to the finance sector.

What sets these startups apart are the cutting-edge concepts, superior digital solutions, and potential for transforming the sector. Their innovative business models are not only likely to disrupt the finance industry but also help streamline financial processes, drive economic growth, and cultivate a more financially literate generation of investors.

Here’s a closer look at some of the innovative companies that are taking Canada’s finance sector by storm:


Co-founded by Gio L. Moros, Kunal Seth, and Taran Singh Kainth, Flahmingo aims to democratize investing. This startup’s native mobile application allows new investors to start their investment journey with as little as $5. By investing in their favourite brands and exchange traded funds, users can accumulate wealth and support their chosen companies. They are also encouraged to stay financially conscious through financial automation strategies such as scheduled deposits and automagic roundups.

Ammolite Analytx

Ammolite Analytx is at the forefront of innovation, building scalable quantum AI cybersecurity tools designed to respond to zero-day attacks in real time. With extensive experience in defence, finance, software, and hardware development, Ammolite Analytx offers a range of services to help companies, governments, and institutions navigate the complex landscape of digital security.


Founded by Eric Yeung and Harley Christensen, Tykera provides essential growth capital to amateur sports using enrolment fees as collateral. Tykera uses a web portal and an API to help amateur sports organisations get on-demand access to their deferred accounts receivables. This is the perfect solution for organizations that need cash flow to sustain and expand their operations.


German Dineros’s startup, Ilucidy, operates in the finance and management consulting industry. Although details on its specific operations still remain sparse, the company is another testament to Calgary’s vibrant and growing fintech scene.


Co-founded by Leanne Leblanc and Meredith Wasney, Rallie is helping to narrow the gender wealth gap by encouraging more women to enter the world of cryptocurrency trading. Through Rallie’s platform, women can not only invest in Bitcoin and Ether safely but also grow their crypto literacy, a skillset increasingly important in today’s digital age.

Rome Blockchain Labs

Rome Blockchain Labs aims to bring humanity to the digital world through blockchain. With a belief in the potential of Decentralized Finance, Rome Blockchain Labs is making strides in not only revolutionising the finance sector but also introducing the possibility of a future of work that is highly free, integral, transparent, and collaborative.

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