Spotlight on Cambridge: Art Startups Revolutionizing Canada’s Creative Sector

January 3, 2024

In the infinite expanse of the ever-evolving startup cosmos, Canada has recently become a significant constellation. Young companies are increasingly choosing the Great White North as their launchpad, and the results are lighting up the sky, particularly in vibrant innovation hubs like Cambridge. Today, we feature an assortment of startups that have sprung into existence since 2020, and are currently operating in the exciting realm of Artificial Intelligence and related technologies. These young companies, with their cutting-edge visions and impressive dedication, are re-shaping the future, one binary bit at a time.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an expansive domain, encompassing machine learning, text analytics, biotechnology, healthcare, document management, and more. Each of these startups has carved a niche in their chosen specialty, offering solutions that have the potential to revolutionize entire industries. These audacious young companies are pushing the boundaries of what technology can achieve, demonstrating unfettered creativity and relentless dedication to their unique visions. These are the enterprises breathing new life into Canada’s AI scene.

From delivering machine-readable regulatory content to advancing national security with AI solutions, providing an anti-aging biotechnology solution to executing secure and efficient document management, the range of services these startups offer are diverse, innovative, and meticulously designed to make a difference. Let’s profile the stellar startups in our constellation. All are unified by their innovative approaches to artificial intelligence and their commitment to putting the future within our reach.

Regulatory Genome

Based in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, Regulatory Genome represents a fusion of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Text Analytics. The company provides dynamic, granular and interoperable machine-readable regulatory content. Their AI-powered approach enables regulatory authorities to improve accessibility and dissemination of regulatory updates, helping organizations enhance their regulatory intelligence and digitize risk management processes.


Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, BelleTorus works in the intersection of AI, healthcare, IT and security, founded by a diverse team including Jonathan Lowe, Matthew Gloss, Sylvain Dal-Mas, and Thomas Fontaine. By applying AI to national security and digital health transformations, BelleTorus suggests a promising future for advanced modeling and risk mitigation strategies.

Regenerative Bio

Regenerative Bio, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is implementing AI in the realms of Biotechnology, Healthcare, and Pharmaceuticals. They’re the world’s first anti-aging biotech company powered by AI and cloud computing, creatively combining pharmaceutical technologies with biology to explore anti-aging ingredients and therapies.

Common Sense Machines

Founded by Josh Tenenbaum, Max Kleiman-Weiner, Tejas Kulkarni, and Vikash Mansinghka, Cambridge-based CSM is developing AI that learns to translate the real world into 3D simulations. Their platform exemplifies the amalgamation of human-like learning with machine precision to enable accurate 3D perception and manipulation of everyday objects.


Located in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, the UK-based startup Cooee operates in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Software. The company is still in stealth mode, but promise on the horizon augments the anticipation for their upcoming services.


Arcalect is an AI and Management Consulting startup located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Co-founded by Jason Mackey, Arcalect is poised to make a significant impact in the AI Consulting arena, leveraging artificial intelligence to solve complex business problems.

Nuventum Health

Nuventum Health, an Artificial Intelligence and Health Care startup based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, employs AI to expedite clinical trials by extracting learnings from every patient’s experience, thereby refining and streamlining the overall process.


Cambridge-based Scrypt leads with an Integrated Payables and Receivables platform, representing a fusion of AI with multiple domains including Accounting, Document Management, Fintech, and Real Estate. Co-founded by Andy Vidan and Lars Fiedler, they provide fast, automated invoice coding, digital payments, and account reconciliation.


Akooda provides IT Management and Software solutions with a focus on the team’s productivity. Co-founded by Yuval Gonczarowski, it offers security-first services to help teams work on projects that truly matter and ensure end-to-end visibility of their growth.

Novus Technologies

Co-founded by Vorga Can, Novus focuses on enhancing productivity and creativity in content creation using state-of-the-art AI approaches. This Cambridge-based company offers a fresh perspective on how AI can be used in communication technologies and software development.

Rayyan Systems

Rayyan Systems, co-founded by Robert Ayan, is an AI-assisted research collaboration platform based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Their innovative platform helps research teams quickly identify relevant information, facilitating all forms of evidence-based decision-making.

In conclusion, the Cambridge landscape is rich with emerging AI startups that are pushing boundaries and designing the future. Each of the startups featured here demonstrates the innovative spirit of Canadian entrepreneurship, emphasising the importance of technology and creativity in building the future. We can’t wait to see what’s next!

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