Spotlight on Canada’s Emerging Consulting Industry Startups: A Comprehensive Review

December 19, 2023

The landscape of Canadian startups is as diverse and dynamic as the country itself. Particularly noteworthy are the startups that have been selected here, all with an inception in the year 2020 or later. This compilation focuses on the consulting industry, highlighting companies hailing from several corners of Canada. The dynamism of these ventures is not only demonstrated in their innovations but also how they have managed to survive and thrive amid a global pandemic.

Consulting, an industry traditionally marked by in-person interactions and face-to-face conversations, had to pivot and adapt to the new norms in 2020. Yet, these startups have not only adapted but created solutions pertinent to unique times and equipped themselves for a post-pandemic future. The represented sectors include CleanTech, Healthcare, eSports, Blockchain, and more, showing the broad spectrum of innovations Canada has to offer.

These companies, each guided by an entrepreneurial spirit and relentless drive for innovation, illustrate the wealth of Canadian talent and businesses. From Alberta to Ontario, Quebec to British Columbia, they represent a cross-section of Canada’s ideation and innovation prowess. Here’s a look at these startups in detail:

Kathairos Solutions

Located in Calgary, Alberta, Kathairos Solutions is operating in the CleanTech, Environmental Consulting, and Oil & Gas sectors. This Alberta-based cleantech company is committed to combating the warming planet’s challenge. Follow them at their social media pages: LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Life Support Mental Health

Based in Calgary, Life Support Mental Health operates in the Healthcare and Health Diagnostics sectors, providing much-needed health consultation. The company was founded by Dean Morrison and Keith Crawford. They can also be found on LinkedIn.


Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Powertrust expertise lies in developing, financing and operating renewable energy projects. Founded in 2020, they continue to power the renewable energy consulting sector. Know more about them on their LinkedIn page.

Alberta Esports Association

Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Alberta Esports Association is at the intersection of Broadcasting, Consulting, eSports, Events and Non-Profit sector. Stay connected with them through LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Lavin Media

Located in Toronto, Ontario, Lavin Media, founded by Anton Havorka and Sergey Kisyuk, provides consulting services in Analytics, Digital Marketing, and Market Research. Their integrated solutions are designed for efficient, accelerated sales. Connect with them on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Montreal Analytics

Based in Montréal, Quebec, Montreal Analytics provides consulting services in Analytics, Association, and Professional Services. Their updates and services can be found on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Maamigin Environmental & Relations

Located in Fort William, Ontario, Maamigin is an Indigenous Environmental Management company, offering environmental consulting in the service industry.

Charged Particles

Based in Toronto, Ontario, Charged Particles, founded by Ben Lakoff and Rob Secord, offers consulting services in numerous domains including Blockchain, Financial Services, and FinTech. They sit at the forefront of defi, fusing art and finance with their non-fungible token protocol. Connect with them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.


Located in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Recircle operates in the Environmental Consulting, Manufacturing, Renewable Energy, and Waste Management sectors. They strive to convert plastic waste into raw materials for everyday items manufacturing.


Based in Calgary, Alberta, KeyFi, founded by Ben Gervais, operates in the Apps, Consulting, and Software sectors. To stay up-to-date with their services and updates, follow them on LinkedIn and Twitter.


Located in Burnaby, British Columbia, pH7 is a cleantech startup committed to developing sustainable solutions for strategic metal extraction necessary for the transition to renewable energy.

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