Spotlight on Canadian Aerospace Startups Thriving in London, Ontario

January 4, 2024

In recent years, Canada’s aerospace startup industry has experienced an influx of innovative companies, particularly in London. Despite the global downturn due to the pandemic, these startups have been resilient, continuing to break new ground and make significant impacts in their respective sectors. This article will shine a light on some of the most promising aerospace startups, all of which were formed in 2020 or later, and are now branching out into areas including consulting, insurance, space travel, artificial intelligence, and more.

The global aerospace industry is highly competitive, yet these Canadian startups have shown a remarkable capacity for innovation and disruption. They are not just surviving in this challenging marketplace, but thriving, thanks to their ability to adapt to rapid changes in the industry and to deliver novel and timely solutions. They’re the pioneers of today, driving significant growth and advancement in Canada’s aerospace industry.

We’ve selected ten groundbreaking startups to feature, each of which represents a different facet of the aerospace industry. Whether they’re optimising insurance for aerospace manufacturers, developing AI to streamline logistics, or funding pioneering space exploration projects, these startups are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the industry. Join us as we delve into the exciting world of these Canadian aerospace startups.

Piiq Risk Partners

Based in London, Piiq Risk Partners bridges the gap between the aerospace and insurance industries, offering innovative solutions for insurers to structure, price, and manage risk in different phases of an aircraft’s economic life. As the company takes strides in transforming the way risk is handled in the aerospace industry, they have quickly become a beacon of progress in the newly emerging fintech-aerospace nexus.


Airwards showcases the best of the new-generation aerospace startups with its unique approach to aviation innovation. The company breaks the mold as it ventures into unchartered territories in the aerospace industry.

Air Race

London-based startup Air Race is revolutionizing the sports and racing industry with its focus on aerospace technology. Founded in 2020, Air Race is incessantly committed to innovation, sustainability, and education.


Bringing aerospace innovation to the manufacturing industry, LEROM has been creating waves since its inception. The startup’s unique vision and approach are shaping the future of industrial manufacturing.

Grayscale AI

Founded by Dragos Stanciu, Grayscale AI harnesses the power of AI to deliver solutions that increase efficiency, lower costs, and enhance sustainability in the aerospace industry. By weaving together AI with aerospace, Grayscale is carving a new path in this evolving industry.

Lúnasa Space

Lúnasa Space, founded by Amin Chabi, is developing a Reusable Orbital Transfer Vehicle to transport Small Satellites within Low-Earth Orbit (LEO). Lúnasa Space proves that the sky is not the limit when it comes to innovative space travel solutions.

Space DOTS

Space DOTS, under the leadership of Bianca Cefalo, delves deep into the intersection of aerospace, nanotechnology, and space travel. With their innovative solutions and technologies, this London-based startup is taking the aerospace industry to new heights.


At the forefront of electric aviation and advanced air mobility is ELIRE Aero. Founded by Luke Jenkinson, the company is ambitiously developing the world’s first air taxi ecosystem, marking a significant milestone in the aerospace industry.

Charter Space

Charter Space is revolutionizing the way space missions are conducted by developing ‘UBIK’, a platform that aims to simplify the process of launching spacecraft. Charter Space is undoubtedly a startup to watch in the years to come.


Eleverse, co-founded by Jacek Mikus, aims to support interplanetary entrepreneurs by funding innovative space technology projects. With their vast network of partners, Eleverse is a significant player in the aerospace industry’s financial sector.

Louno Space

Louno Space, helmed by Mirko Viviano, believes in extending the fascination of space science to the younger generation. They aim to inspire students to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills along with an interest in the aerospace industry. With their innovative educational programs, Louno Space is truly making the future of the aerospace industry brighter.

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