Spotlight on Canadian Art Startups Flourishing in Sydney

January 3, 2024

As the Canadian Startups magazine, Beststartup Canada continues to showcase exciting and potential startups arising from the land down under, this article will feature a special segment on innovative startups founded in or after 2020. These startups are redefining the tech and AI industry, showcasing Sydney, Australia, as a thriving hub for technology innovation. The city has witnessed the origination of various promising companies specializing in diverse sectors from real estate to healthcare, utilising Artificial Intelligence to transform their respective industries. The following are some of these startups that are making waves in their respective arenas.

Relevance AI

Founded by Daniel Vassilev and Jacky Koh, Relevance AI operates in the realm of analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and software. Their unstructured data platform allows users to quickly extract insights from text fields and image files, eliminating the need for manual trawling through qualitative data for patterns. They let users start with any data amount with no labelling requirement.


Entering the market in 2020, Kribb is founded by Akshat Sondhi and Kogulan Ledanan. The startup touts itself as the world’s first real estate platform to support Housing-as-a-Service. Here, landlords or property managers can utilise Kribb’s AI platform for sales insights, sequences, lead scoring, and property management while tenants use the company’s application to manage listings, raise requests, interact with the community, and pay rent.

Coder One

Fulfilling the dreams of engineers, data scientists, researchers, students, and programmers, Coder One has established an annual AI programming tournament. Their application offers a unique platform for these individuals to showcase their technical talents and compete against each other in a dynamic and challenging environment.


Founded by Gavin Whyte, BrewAI is a commercial-grade deep learning automation tool that enables companies to fully leverage their data. The platform allows users, regardless of their technical expertise, to construct an optimised neural network or predictive engine using data sources or an excel spreadsheet. By helping users create their machine learning models to automate specific repetitive tasks, BrewAI indeed brings forth a revolution in the AI space.


Founded by Kieran MacKenzie and Nathan Kirchner, Presien offers a tool for industrial AI standardization. It aims to protect workers effortlessly in a dynamic environment and provides an effective solution to potential safety risks in the industry.


Moonshot, formerly known as Umbra, has set an ambitious target of creating the world’s first public simulation of Planet Earth to solve various global challenges. Founded by Daniel Han-Chen, the company aims to democratize the usage of AI by improving computational efficiency and developing fast text engines.


Sanux is a medical treatment service that aims to provide real-time solutions to physical and mental health illnesses. The startup aims to provide a free service available to adults and health care professionals worldwide.

Stact Tech

Operating in the AI, Information Technology, and software industry, Stact Tech is another rising star in the Sydney tech domain. Founded in 2020, the company is propelling the AI wave in the city, with more details on its offerings expected in the coming times.

The Start Smart

The Start Smart is an emerging player in the AI, Compliance, Consulting, Information Technology, Machine Learning, and Software sector in Sydney. Despite its inception in 2020, The Start Smart is carving out a prominent presence in the market.


Another impressive addition in the Sydney startup groove is Goodx. Established in 2020, Goodx is leveraging AI to revolutionize Business Development and Sales. Their cutting-edge approach makes them one to watch in the industry.


Founded by Carolina Ferreira and Rodrigo Cortes, Octopusbot combines AgTech, AI, and Machine Learning to provide numerous models to predict grain and oilseed prices, yields, and more. Their consolidated data, including world climate data and freight rates, and their machine learning models are transforming the AgTech space.

These startups, settled in Sydney, are continually transforming their respective industries and paving new paths with their innovative approaches. By incorporating artificial intelligence and machine learning into their foundations, they are truly setting themselves apart and making Sydney a buzzing hub of technological innovative and advancement. The future of technology seems to be laudably secure and advancing in these adept hands.

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